I Spy Sensory

I Spy Sensory

I Spy Sensory table: Fun sensory activities for your preschooler. Explore letters, numbers and colors through sensory play. My classroom  sensory table is set up with an "I Spy" theme, four cork board squares above show what  treasures you may find.


 Letter Trace Box: Learn to write letters by tracing them first!  I Spy Foam Frog Name  Add water for more extended play!  Recycled shredded paper filled with back to school finds!Jello Scented Names: Preschool jello art I Spy - Apple Pie Sensory Play    Quack welcome back sensory ducks        


 Save the oatmeal from your I Spy Apple Pie and add a Construction theme for Letter C  I Spy Corn, cookie cutters and cones  I Spy Fall Leaves  ISpy Black Bean Halloween Fun      


  Gingerbread Play DoughI Spy Helping Hands Sensory fungingerbread-play-dough    


  I Spy Icebergs Letter I preschool activity Ice I Spy Ribbon Cut playIce Painted Ornament fun

I Spy - Jingle BellsPeppermint Play Dough Jolly Bakers!I Spy- The JungleI Spy - "J" Jars




I Spy - Snow Play 4 ISpy - Lemons Sensory Letter M Art and Activities Magnetic Sensory62 (800x600) Night Sky Slime fun

Valentines / February

I Spy Rubber: Construction Worker Sensory TableChefs at work! Orange scented Play dough and vegetable / fruit shaped cookie cutters!I Spy Magnetic Letters and the Letter Q


Rainbow Rice!Letter R Preschool Art and Activities dr.seuss birthday playdoug cakeHappy Birthday Dr.Seuss! Play dough Birthday Cake!ISpy Rainbow Rice and Weather Clouds Sail AwayShaving Cream SwipePreschool Shamrock SlimeShamrock Corn Starch Dough thread

PreschoolLetter T Art and Activities Tubes

Letter u Preschool activities upside down drawing


I Spy Bird Seed Sensory Table 2vegetable cookie cutters with Lemon scented play dough!Earth Day Seed Planting set upLetter X Preschool art and activities Treasure Hunt Sensory   Letter W preschool Art and Activities Whale Wash Sensory Table 2 I spy: Spring Flowers & a blue Frog on a log sensory table    

May / Ocean Theme

  I Spy OceanSand and Shell Sensory Table Theme Sand and Shell Sensory Table I Spy : Ocean Creatures Sensory Table Ocean Creatures Sensory Table             Letter X Preschool art and activities Treasure Hunt Sensory play I Spy Ocean Creatures and Sand I Spy Ocean creatures who live on the bottom sand                

June / Dinosaurs


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