Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft

Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft add to your winter classroom decor. Your very own snowflake factory with Pipe cleaners, glue and scented Epson salt! Every winter I try a new way to decorate our classroom windows with snowflakes. In the past we have cut, glued and glittered. This year I wanted something more real, I had some Scented Epson Salt left over and decided to give it a try. . Supplies Needed:
  • pipe cleaners
  • Epson Salt
  • Glue
  • Ornament hangers / string
  • scissors
Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft I divided this into two class days but depending on your time it could all be done at the same time. To start I created a Snowflake Factory on our activity center. Using the pipe cleaners cut in different sizes and colors. My Frogs are three and four so the twisting was hard at first for them, to get them started I twisted some "stars" and then they added to them. As they figured it out the Snowflakes got bigger and bigger and they got out the scissors to cut themselves. Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft pipe cleaners   The following class day at the art center I set out two trays. One filled with the glue and the other with the scented Epson salt. Each Frog twisted on a green ornament holder I had left over from Christmas. You could also use string. Then they dipped it flat into the glue, using their fingers to push down. Then turned it over and repeat the process. Then holding the green hanger they lifted up the snowflake letting some of the glue drop off. Then they placed it in the try of Epson salt and repeated for both sides. They then set them on their art trays to dry. Each Frog has one tray I use all year, sometimes there is dried glitter, paint. In this case the Epson Salt picked up some of the colors that made for a beautiful surprise. Epson Salt Snowflakes 4 Epson Salt Snowflakes 3 Epson Salt Snowflakes 2 Epson Salt Snowflakes 1   I was going to hang them in our window but decided to add them to our "Slide into a New Year" Shape Penguin Winter Bulletin Board! They really gave the board a three d effect Frogs and parents loved! Not to mention they make the hallway smell great!

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft

Slide into a new year winter bulletin board  

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