Hot Air Balloon – Watercolor and Crayon Art

Hot Air Balloon - Watercolor and Crayon Art

Hot Air Balloon - Watercolor and Crayon Art for our Valentines bulletin board Love is in the air. The fun of watching the watercolor resist the crayon wax! This week we happened to be working on the Letter of the Week "L", the Frogs used crayons to draw lines on their Hot Air Balloon. Their faces lit up as they ran the watercolor across and saw the paint move away from their lines. To start I copied the outline of a Hot Air Balloon on white card stock. Then set out photos of Hot Air Balloons so the Frogs could study their lines (zig zag, horizontal,vertical) and designs. After they finished with their lines they used watercolors to fill in.     While we waited for the art to dry I took a photo of each Frog waving and holding a sign with one of the Fruits of the Spirit. Since our Hot Air Balloons are for our Valentines Bulletin Board I love to incorporate the Fruit of the Spirit!   When the art was dry I cut out the balloon, due to time and age of my frogs. Then cut out two line of string using tape to attach them together. To finish I taped the photo to look like they are flying their Hot Air Balloon.  

Love is in the Air

To complete our Valentines Bulletin Board we made these fun Glitter Clouds. Best part is no instructions needed the Frogs knew just what to do with their glue and glitter!              

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