Book of Seasons Flip Book Preschool Weather Activity

Book of Seasons Flip Book

Preschool Weather Activity


Book of Seasons Flip Book preschool weather activity. Four fun art ideas to help your preschooler learn about the Seasons. We spend the month of March exploring all the different type of weather, to put it all together we made this cute My Book of Seasons Flip Book. I am going to be honest the trickiest part was copying the papers correctly I "recycled" some before I got it right. To start using a simple print shop program I made my master. I simply printed out the words Fall, Fall Wind,Winter, Winter Snow, Spring, Spring Rain, Summer and Summer Sun.

I then folded white paper into a flip book, cut out the words and glued them to the paper in the correct places. Then I copied the pages and assemble the books. For each art page I cut paper the size needed then when finished  added it to their book with tape.


Fall Wind

I pre cut the paper to fit inside the book then the Frogs painted their wind. To give them choices I had Grey paint for a stormy day wind, white paint for a sunny day wind and blue paint for a windy day wind. It was interesting to see most of the Frogs completely cover the orange paper, so maybe you don't need orange!

Next they added their fall foam leaves to the wet paint.


Winter Snow

Using old thread spools, blue paint and silver glitter the Frogs stamped Snow Flakes.


Summer Sun


This was fun and very easy using washable stamp pads we used their hand print to form the sun. Four orange prints, turning the paper each time to create a circle. Then four yellow prints turning each time.


Spring Rain

For Spring Rain we used mini cupcake liners folded in half, pipe cleaner handles and q-tips to dot the rain.

First a dot of glue where they wanted an umbrella then add the mini cupcake liner. open and add another dot of glue to add the pipe cleaner then fold the top down. For rain a Q-Tip to dot.


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Preschool Rain Sound Recycled Bottle

Preschool Rain Sound

Recycled Bottle

Preschool Rain Sound Recycled Bottle Craft- A fun easy activity to recycle your old water bottles and bring the relaxing sound of falling rain! This week the Frogs played with the Letter of the Week: Letter R. By now you know I love  to use all five scenes when exploring a Letter. As one of our activities the Frogs made their own Rain Sound Bottles using recycled bottles and Rainbow Rice. There is something so calming when you listen to the rain and of course the fun of shaking it loudly for a very stormy rain! The Rain Sound Bottle was very easy to make with things found right at home!

Supplies Needed:

  • Recycled Water Bottle
  • Rice
  • Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Sharpie
  • funnel

First wash and clean your bottle, using a sharpie write your name. Now your ready for the fun, take a walk outside and collect sticks. I did this a day ahead and let them dry out, living in the Northwest the sticks were a little wet. The Frogs simply filled there bottles with sticks then added Rice to the bottle using a funnel. To keep the bottle secure I Hot glued the cap.


I love giving the Frogs choices so they had the option of filling their Bottle with white rice, Rainbow Rice or Rainbow mini Letter Noodles.


Rainbow Rice

  Very easy to make and so fun to play with. I made one large batch and used it for three different activities! Our Letter of the Week Alphabet Book, Rain Sound Bottle and Sensory Table!  

Supplies Needed:

  • 4 cups Rice
  • 1 Tbs. Vinegar
  • food coloring or liquid watercolors
  • Gallon Zip Lock Bag
  • wax paper

Using a large zip lock bag I added the rice, vinegar and coloring. Then close the bag and mix it making sure to cover the rice. Covering a cookie try with wax paper and pouring the rice out across the paper to dry. Repeat the process for all colors. When dried put back into the zip lock bag for storage.


More Rainbow Fun

Traveling Rainbow

    Using recycled peach jars I filled them with liquid watercolors in the six rainbow colors. Using folded paper towels we connected them and watched the colors travel up and meet at the top. The Frogs loved it so much we did it many times saving the paper towels to examine as they dried.  When we were done with our Rainbow fun we added the lids and placed them in our window to admire when the sun shines through!              

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Eric Carle Little Cloud Inspired Art & Activities

Eric Carle Little Cloud Inspired

Art & Activities

  Eric Carle Little Cloud Inspired Art & Activities: Preschool art to accompany Eric Carle's classic Little Cloud. Puffy painted clouds and Weather Binoculars! The Classic Little Cloud tells the story of a little cloud who changes into the shape of things he has seen. My frogs love this story in fact we read it more than once. We also turned off the lights, lying on the floor we imagined what our clouds would look like. Below are some of the fun art and activities we enjoyed!  

Puffy Painted Clouds

Supplies Needed

  • Glue
  • Q- Tips
  • Shaving Cream
  • Paint
  • Construction Paper
Puffy Paint is easy to make. I like to start by adding glue to a paint container, then add the paint for color, finish with the Shaving Cream. For this activity I made three colors grey storm clouds, white fluffy clouds or blue rain clouds. Using our Letter of the Week, Letter Q Q-Tips to add the puffy paint to our paper. Using a simple print program I made a white paper with "Little Cloud Changed into_________".       When finished painting the Frogs folded their paper in half, then pressed down and opened to see the shape their cloud took!       We added our clouds to our March Bulletin Board Friends are Golden!

Weather Binoculars

Little Cloud Weather Binoculars are a fun way to observe the weather! Due to time I pre made the Binoculars, older children would have no problem making their own. When finished we kept them on our windowsill!  

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • string
  • glue dots
  • paint
  • cotton balls
  • hole puncher, paint brush
      To make your Weather Binoculars attach the two toilet paper rolls together with two glue dots, so they stand side by side. Use the hole punch to make a hole on either side. Cut a long piece of string and attach it to the rolls through the holes. Now you are ready to paint! As always I love to give choices the frogs decided what color their sky ( toilet paper rolls) was then added cotton balls to the wet paint for clouds.    

More fun Weather Activities


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Shamrock Glue & Glitter Window Art

Shamrock Glue & Glitter Window Art

Shamrock Glue & Glitter Window Art: Fun easy way to decorate your classroom windows with sparkly Shamrocks! I truly love March full of Rainbows, Green and Gold fun, I sometimes wonder who has more fun. Always looking for new ways of creating fun window art with out using laminated or sticky paper, due to the cost. In my search for an inexpensive clear paper I found myself on the clearance isle of Joann's where I found photo album pages 10 for $2.00.

Let's Make a Window Shamrock!

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear paper
  • glue
  • black paint
  • glitter
    Due to time and the age of my Frogs I did some prep work. Start by finding a shamrock the size you like and trace it onto your clear paper. Adding a small amount of black paint to the glue jar, mixing it with a Popsicle stick to make the black glue.   Using the black glue I traced the outline of the Shamrock and set aside to dry. In my art center I have a tray and drying rack for each frog helps keeps me organized a real time saver! I traced a Shamrock for each Frog and left it on their tray to dry.   The Frogs needed no explanation, they love glue and glitter! The only hard part was for my three's their fingers got tired pushing the glue out, for some I squeezed while they moved the glue where they wanted it.   Often I have a great idea that does not quite work the way I expected this Shamrock was no different. My original idea was to use glue followed by salt and watercolor! After making a sample I found the shamrock popped off the paper, still cool but no quite what I was looking for I changed to glitter.     Frogs love glitter, really who doesn't! They added a lot of glue most working to fill the whole Shamrock, followed by a large amount of glitter! I love the way they look on our classroom windows. However, I was not happy with the way they did not stick to the paper well, I'll have to keep looking for a clear sheet that will work a little better.    

Here are a few crafts to inspire you!

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Orange Scented Play Dough for Preschoolers

Orange Scented Play Dough

for Preschoolers

  Orange Scented Play Dough for Preschoolers a quick and easy recipe for a large batch of play dough fun! Fill your room with the scent of an Orange Grove. Start with our Basic Play Dough Recipe, add orange food coloring and Orange extract! I like our play dough to really smell strong so I added about half the bottle. The best part is there is really no wrong way to make it! The Play dough will last for a month, I keep it in a plastic zip lock bag. One thing you should know about me by now is my love for a good theme. This being said I made this for Letter of the Week: Letter O. Setting out leaves for an orange grove, Popsicle sticks for Construction Worker community service day, Pie tins for Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake / pie and Vegetable cookie cutters for Chef Play.

The Orange Grove


Construction and Chef Play


Play Dough Inspiration

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