Hand Print Santa Gift Wrap

Hand Print Santa

Gift Wrap


This year to wrap our Mix Paint Ornaments we used the Hand Print Santa!

Hand Print Santa Bag Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed:

  • Red, White and Pink Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Yarn, String or Ribbon
  • 2 google eyes
  • 1 small red pom pom ball
  • 1 medium white pom pom ball
  • Paper Bag
  • Hole puncher

To get started I folded over the top of our brown paper bag then made two hole punches. This was our card and wrap in one so I had them write their name before we painted.

Hand Print Santa Bag wrap 1

Then I love to paint their hands is it cold, does it tickle? What color is Santa's beard, Hat, Cheeks? I paint it all on at the same time then slowly have them press down on the bag, make sure the bag is facing the right way so your Santa is right side up! While the paint is still wet add the eyes, cold nose and snow ball at the end of his hat. Then let dry before you wrap.

Hand Print Santa Bag Wrap

Then when dry wrap your gift in tissue add to the inside of bag. Fold over the top I had the children choose what yarn they wanted and cut off how much they needed. Then they threaded the yarn through one hole and then up through the second hole. I then tied them into a bow! So cute, and they were excited to put it under their tree at home!

Hand Print Santa Bag wrap 2

J is for Jesus Jingle Bell Roll Art

J is for Jesus Jingle Bell Roll Art


Letter of the Week, Letter J art activity using Jingle Bells to paint!

J Is for Jesus: The Sweetest Story Ever Told is the perfect book to accompany this craft!

J is for Jesus Jingle Bell Roll

Supplies Needed:

  • White Card Stock paper cut into Candy Cane or Letter J shape
  • Yellow paper, cut into star shape
  • 2 small cups or containers
  • 2 large jingle bells
  • Red and Green paint
  • Glitter
  • Box Lid

To start I cut card stock into the shape of a candy cane or Letter J. I like the card stock because it keeps it's strength when you add the paint, regular paper tends to roll up and some what loose it's shape. I used a print shop program to make a small star with J is for Jesus written on it. In each cup I added a small amount of paint and one jingle bell. Start by adding your J to the box lid, then the children dropped the jingle bells into the box lid. Then holding both sides they moved the lid to roll the jingle bell.

J is for Jesus Jingle Bell Roll fun J is for Jesus Jingle Bell Roll play

When I started we had one large bell and one small,the small bell did not roll well so I changed it to a larger size. When the children were finished rolling they scooped up the bells added their star to the wet paint and sprinkled with glitter. We finished with the cute story J is for Jesus the Sweetest Story Ever Told!

J is for Jesus Jingle Bell Roll 2

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I Spy – Jingle Bells Sensory Table

I Spy - Jingle Bells Sensory Table


This was a great Letter of the Week, Letter J sensory activity! I started by adding jingle bells of all sizes to the table. Then Red, White and Green pipe Stems. The idea is to thread the jingle bells onto the pipe stem and then form a bracelet or hand held musical instrument. As always I set it out but I never know how the children will make it their own! Long strings of pattern bells, crowns and many more. The only thing I would change is use larger size bells the mini bells were hard for the little ones to thread!

Jingle Bell threading.
Jingle Bell threading.

I Spy Jingle Bells play

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I Spy “J” Jars Sensory Table

I Spy "J" Jars Sensory Table

This week for the Letter of the Week,  Letter J we filled our Sensory Table with Jars of all sizes! I started by filling the table with beans, their texture is soft and fun and they pour easily. This was a first for me so I was unsure if the kids would like it or play with it at all.

I Spy Jars Sensory Play 1

My favorite aspect of teaching is watching them use their own imagination! They mostly loved opening the lids filling and then lining them up. Some made then into shakers. The only mishap we had was one broken Jar, next year I will only use small baby food jars they seemed to be stronger.

I Spy Sensory Play fun


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Candy Cane Preschool Stained Glass

Candy Cane

Preschool Stained Glass


Candy Cane Preschool Stained Glass is a fun way to decorate your windows. To change it up a bit I  cut the tissue paper in stripes instead of our usual squares. I simple change, however, it was surprising to see how they took their time deciding the direction of their stripes.

Candy Cane Stained Glass set up 1

Supplies needed

  • Contact Paper
  • Tissue Paper cut in strips
  • construction paper

Start by cutting your construction paper in the shape of a Candy Cane. Cut out the center to create a hallow Candy Cane. I used Red and Green however next year I think I'll try white so you can better see the outline. Next cut out contact paper I like to measure enough so it covers both sides. I then attach the candy cut out to the contact paper.

Candy Cane Stained Glass set up
Art Center Set up

Simply have the children place the strips over the sticky center.When finished fold the contact paper over the top smooth down and cut around the edge. I love the way they filled our classroom with Christmas Cheer!

Candy Cane Stained Glass work

Candy Cane Stained Glass work 1

Candy Cane Stained Glass work 3

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I Spy Ribbon Cutting Sensory Table

I Spy Ribbon Cutting Sensory Table


This year I have a class who loves to cut and paste! At three most children are learning how to hold  scissors this sensory table gives them the opportunity to practice their new found skills. Holding and cutting slippery ribbon took concentration and this group loved it! We then used the cut pieces to decorate our Christmas Gift Box for our Holiday Bulletin board.

ISpy Ribbon Cut Fun

I Spy Ribbon Cut play

The children loved the ribbon so much we used it the whole week adding baskets and bowls for added fun. I love the way no matter what I put in the table they find a way to make it their own, and that's the idea!

I Spy Ribbon Cutting


I Spy Iceberg Sensory Table

I Spy Iceberg Sensory Table


This week we explored the Letter I with Icebergs in our Sensory Table. Who lives in the cold? How do they Live? The kids had fun playing with the Polar Bears, Penguins and Arctic Foxes. As well as trying to build their own Igloo out of Ice Cubes. As always with "wet" sensory I had our curtain pulled to protect the wall and a lot of towels close by to warm up cold hands. As the day moved on the children noticed the ice was melting that added a new level to play!

  I Spy Icebergs   I Spy Iceberg Sensory Play  

Visit Letter of the Week Letter I for more fun preschool Letter I Activities!

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Ice Painted Paper Ornaments

Ice Painted Paper Ornaments


Fun way for Preschoolers to explore with melting Ice!

This week to accompany of Letter of the Week, Letter I we painted with colored ice. I have seen Ice Painting on Pinterest many times but this was a first for me and we loved it!

  Ice Ornament Painting supplies needed  

Supplies Needed:

To start I added water to the ice cube tray and then the liquid watercolor and set inside the freezer. After a few minutes as it started to freeze I added the Popsicle sticks to the center.

  Ice Painted Ornament Ice Tray   Ice Painted Ornament ice tray set up

I then set them on a tray for the kids to paint their ornament. The first few ornaments had bright color, as time went on the colors were lighter. I have seen others use food coloring I may try this next time. However, the kids did not notice and they loved it and painted until all that was left was the Popsicle stick!

Ice Painted Ornament 1

Ice Painted Ornament fun

Ice Painted Ornament
Ice Painted Ornament

I added our finished ornament to our Christmas Bulletin Board as well as our Classroom Tree!

Ice Painted Ornament bow   Ice Painted Ornament on Classroom Tree   Preschool Christmas Bulletin Board Complete

Inspired By:




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Mix Paint Preschool Ornament

Mix Paint Preschool Ornament

Fun and easy gift Preschoolers can make as a gift for their family! In the past I used clear glass ornaments but they were easy to break. This Year I found fun shapes made out of clear plastic at Jo Ann and Walmart that worked great! I Chose Jo Ann's because they had fun shapes and a great price!

  Christmas paint Ornament supplies needed  

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear plastic ornament
  • Craft Paint in desired colors
  • egg carton

To start I removed the top of the ornament and set aside for later. Then the child chose their ornament. I had about nine different colors out. To avoid getting the craft paint on children I had them choose a color and then shake. I then opened the bottle and placed over the opening at the top. They then squeezed and we continued until they had all the colors they wanted.

  Preschool Paint Ornament 1   Preschool Paint Ornament  

I had them hold ornament and tip to watch the paint mix and glide. Then let them move the paint careful to have it not spill out.

  Preschool Paint Ornament 2   Preschool Paint Ornament 3   Preschool Paint Ornament 4   Preschool Paint Ornament 5  

When finished I had them set their ornament upside down in the egg carton to let the extra paint drip out. We then set them on our counter to dry. When dried add the top, I like to add their name and year. Then they wrap and give. They are so proud of their work!

  Preschool Paint Ornament drying   Preschool Paint Ornament drying egg carton   Preschool Paint Ornament done 1   Preschool Paint Ornament done 2  

Preschool Gift Wrap Box

Preschool Gift Wrap Box


To make the Gift Boxes for our Christmas Bulletin Board I used recycled Gift wrap. In the past we have Painted, glitter glued and even jello Painted the gifts. This year I found we had an abundance of wrapping paper, so I let the kids go for it! This is my favorite part when you put out tons of supplies and they make it their own!

Preschool Gift Wrap Box supplies needed

Supplies Needed

  • Recycled gift wrap cut in squares
  • Ribbon
  • Glue / Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • white card stock cut in half length wise

Preschool Gift Wrap Box play fun

I set everything out and let them create.

Some piled it up!
Some piled it up!
  Preschool Gift Wrap Box fun   tPreschool Gift Wrap Box make

To finish them I took a photo of each child, they decided if they wanted to be peeking out or jumping out! I then added them to our Christmas Bulletin Board. After Christmas I glue them to paper and add them to the scrapbook that I give at the end of the year!

Gift Box Craft fun 1   Gift Box Craft fun Gift box craft  

I also filled our "I Spy" Sensory Table with Ribbon so they could practice their cutting skills.

ISpy Ribbon Cut Fun