Lets Make a Walrus

I first saw this cute Walrus on Pintrest at easypreschoolcraft.blogspot.com  With my class I gave them choices on the type of "whiskers", color of paper and as always they added the face, and in some cases gave them hair!


IMG_1212 You need

  • 2 sheets of brown paper
  • 1 sheet of white paper ( I used card stock)
  • string (I like to give them choices)
  • goggle eyes
  • glue
  • marker
  • scissors
  • IMG_1217

     cut your second medium circle in half

  • IMG_1219 glue one medium circle to the large circle to make the body

  • IMG_1218

cut white paper into two tusks

IMG_1221glue it together! Have fun make it your own

IMG_1220Here are some cuties!

wankado1 044

Falls View Canyon Trail #868

Falls View Canyon Trail #868

This past Saturday we traveled to Falls View Trail located just outside the town of Quilcene, Washington. The sign from the road was easy to spot, however, once inside the parking was small. We we arrived there was no parking so we drove down the road to Mt. Walker and drove the road to the top. When we came back there was parking. There are (2) bathrooms they are Vault Toilets.  Runs on solar, no sink or water. Bring hand sanitizer or baby wipes it was empty when I visited.  Located just across from  the trailhead.

Falls View Trail
Falls View Trail

prek4fun1fallsview 109across mount walker 337   prek4fun1fallsview 128 As you can see they have a fence  but  keep your children close!

prek4fun1fallsview 112 

The walk down was full of beauty! Next time we will camp in the Falls View Campground that way you can spend a full day exploring the river and another day to walk the Mt.Walker trail that is just up the road. The Falls view trail is a good for children, my mind was thinking of all the things you could do with little ones.

prek4fun1fallsview 140Fern prints, drying flowers as for my teens just give them a camera and watch them go! I love to see their photos we go to the same places but we never see the same things, that's the fun of it!

prek4fun1fallsview 146 Our whole family loved this trail!There is a short trail to view the falls and then you can take the longer walk down to the river.

prek4fun1fallsview 135


This past June we did this trail again with visiting family. The parking was great we went during the week. This time we did the entire loop, it was beautiful but may be to long for small children. When you first come down to the river there is a beautiful water hole. falls view cindy and josie 322
falls view cindy and josie 211
View of the first water spot.
                Cross over the small wood bridge to start the longer loop. As you get to the point where the trail loops back there is a way to get down to the river for another larger water hole, this is a great spot to rest,reflect, eat lunch. We spent a long time here.
falls view cindy and josie 519
Trail down to the river
falls view cindy and josie 520
Start of the small trail down, it's off the main trail.
falls view cindy and josie 501
Our family had fun climbing the large rocks and logs!
falls view cindy and josie 409
View of the lower water hole area.
                  The loop back starts a bit uphill, for small children you can go back the way you came for less climbing. We had a beautiful visit with family everyone had fun.      

Mt. Walker, Driving

A few months ago we walked the Mt. Walker trail. To be honest this was a hard one for me! I think I had three melt downs of "I can't do this"  and a slight mummy walk, my daughter waited patiently for me and after 2 hours for a two mile hike I came out to the top and it was worth it!Great for older kids take the road up to the top for younger kids is my best advice!

prek4fun1fallsview 066prek4fun1fallsview 097

prek4fun1fallsview 068I will post photos from our Mt. Walker hike up soon!

prek4fun1fallsview 091Beautiful view well worth the drive.

Let’s Make the “The Big Bad Shark”

prek4fun1 048 (800x600)

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

  • This is one of my favorite stories to read! As soon as you finish the first page the children recognize how the story follows the theme of "The Three Little Pigs" and read along with you! To go along with this book we made a Shark. To begin you needprek4fun1 047 (800x600)

  • 2 Sheets of grey paper

  • 1 small white paper plate

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • a Black button

    prek4fun1 024 (800x600) prek4fun1 025 (800x600) prek4fun1 026 (800x600) prek4fun1 030 (800x600) prek4fun1 032 (800x600) prek4fun1 035 (800x600) prek4fun1 036 (800x600) prek4fun1 043 (800x600) prek4fun1 044 (800x600)

    The children decided they would like to color theirs


Soon to be the BIG Fishes

prek4fun1 052

  As our school year comes to a close the children  are excited to be moving on to the their next class. We started the the bulletin board with the Walrus as we were on letter W. Each day we added a "sea creature" as you can see by the end of the month our board was full, the kids and I love to walk past it and find their latest work. I have even spied a few parents pulling back on a flipper to see who made it. To follow I will go into detail of each project as well as fun activities, games and even dances we did to go with the Under the Sea Theme!

This is my first post, so please keep checking back as I will be adding new things all the time!