Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs Bulletin Board

Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs

Bulletin Board


Welcome to Our Pond Bulletin Board: Happy to be Back at preschool with our school Pond Bulletin Board filled with spin art Frogs! Welcome to our pond started with dividing the bulletin board with two colors blue and yellow. Using different shades of green I added Lilly pads with their name, this way you can see who's frog is who's without writing on their work. To make the Letters pop I cut them out using three colors. Finally the logs and side rocks were made using recycled packing paper.


Spin Art Frogs

  Here comes the fun! As always it's about the process of art I try to give many choices so the Frogs can make their own creations with little help form me. This was so fun once they saw how it was done they were off, really the only help I need to give was sometimes holding the salad spinner down. Supplies Needed:
  • Colored paint
  • Salad Spinner
  • White card stock paper
  • Google eyes different sizes
  • Black Glitter

For the purpose of our Welcome to our Pond Bulletin Board I  cut Frog shapes out of the card stock, I also cut many circles out of regular paper because all the frogs made more than one! After observing real Frogs through a variety of photos and books I had on hand they used glitter if they wanted their frogs to have black spots. In the past I have used Black rice, black hole punches and black beans!


The Frogs start by placing their card stock into the salad spinner. Here comes the fun squeezing the paint and then spinning! They loved peeking at their frogs then adding more paint and spinning till they were just right! Once out they chose the rest! I did this at our family open house it's a great ice breaker for nervous Frogs and their parents!


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