Our Class is Cool Winter Preschool Activities

Our Class is Cool

Winter Preschool Activities

 Winter preschool shapes Oval Penguins, Triangle Trees,

Circle and Square Snow people!

    This month the frogs have been working on  shapes, winter, and the letters K, L and M! The most fun for me is making it all connect together! Here is some of the fun we had.

Oval Penguins

  the best part in preschool is when the Frogs start making their own request, I love seeing how their minds are making the connections.

Triangle Trees


Circle or Square Snow People

After completing the Oval Penguins, Triangle Trees and Heart Koala's the Frogs wanted to know what we were going to make with a square? My plan was to make circle snow people when I was asked can we make square snow people? So I gave them the choice to make what they wanted cute how each snow person was unique one was even a bit of both!      

Heart Koalas


I love the book Koala Lou and for our February Valentines Board we made these cute Koalas. I love how the Frogs made all sizes and entire families of Koalas! To complete our board we going to make Eucalyptus leaves using a salad spinner I found at the goodwill!


Winter Activities

  Some of our winter fun. Winter slime mixed with plastic stacking shapes. White foam with the Preschoolers Play Learn Diamond Pyramid Shape Building Blocks was great fun. For Pajama Day we brought out the Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes from Discount School Supply on our DIY Light table. Using magnetic wands to scavenger hunt for shapes that are magnetic!    

At The Art Center


Mitten Sun Catchers

  On a Styrofoam tray the frogs used liquid starch and water to paint tissue squares. Really easy the hardest part is they must fill the whole center. When dry they went up in our windows, the winter light shines through making a beautiful glow.

Shape Finder Game

Always fun when you can make something fun using recycled "trash"! The object of the game is to find the letters of your name and different shapes inside the bottle. I went through our craft room finding different foam letters, button and any other kind of  shapes. The Frogs then put each find into a recycled water bottle, we finished it by filling it with sand. I glue gunned the lids for safety.

 Winter Classroom Tree Cardinals



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Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board

Winter Christmas Town

Bulletin Board

  Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board: Silent Night Holy Night Christmas theme preschool bulletin board. With Letter H Houses and Hand print Trees. I truly love the finished Christmas town filled with the letter of the week H Houses and Hand Print Trees! A fun way to celebrate Christmas with the Letter H! To set the base I used a black vinyl tablecloth, from the dollar store. Then filled the bottom half with white roll paper. To create silver stars and the lettering I spray painted white paper silver. I am one for using what I have on hand you could just use shiny silver paper.      

Letter H Houses

      Supplies Needed
  • colored construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • glue stick
  I always love to give as many choices as possible so each house is unique, this year because I was using the houses for a Night Town, I cut out small square and rectangles using yellow if the lights were on in your house and black is the lights are off. I love listing to their stories as they build their houses.      

Hand print Trees

  Supplies needed:
  • Green Stamp pad
  • White paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • staples
Usually I like to make one big Hand Print Tree for our bulletin board. Using different shades of Green  I have the Frogs stamp their hand prints using white paint. For our Christmas Town I had the Frogs stamp their hand print using a green stamp pad. The nice thing about the stamp pad was you could really see the detail in the print, the Frogs loved that! Our Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board: Silent Night Holy Night Christmas theme preschool bulletin board was truly beautiful.    

More Christmas Fun


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No Bake Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments

No Bake Gingerbread Salt Dough



This week we made No Bake Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments for the Letter G. This was a first time for me so I learned what not to do again. As well as what unexpectedly worked well. The very best part was how they made the room smell! Although it looks like a lot is needed really they are very simple I just wrote down everything I used to help me organize ten Frogs work! Let's get started!

    Supplies Needed:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 tbs. Ginger
  • 1 cup Cinnamon
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 1/2 cup warm water
  • straw
  • wax paper
  • cookie cutters
  • Mod Podge or clear spray
  • acrylic paints
  • ribbon
To start add all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl then slowly add the warm water.  I premixed the dough together right before class then divided it into ten small balls, one for each child. Then placed them in a plastic bag and set aside. Before class I lined a plastic tray with wax paper.  

Roll and Cut


Hole for Hanging

As each frog came to the Art Center I gave them a ball of dough and then let them choose their own cutters. I had rolling pins out but most found it easier to simply roll the dough in a ball and then push down flat. They kept doing this until all their dough was gone. Some only made two I had a few get five and six designs cut.      

Cover to Protect

The straw was used to make a hole in the dough to hang. This is where I made my boo boo I left them out over night to dry and they got a white salty look. You should cover them with Mod Podge or clear spray right away to keep the dark brown color. I immanently turned them over and covered the still brown gingerbread with Mod Podge. Then after they dried covered the other side.        

Paint to Finish

No harm done while the frogs were making their painted ball ornament I had them paint the white salt side with acrylic paint and then again covered with Mod Podge. Then finished by writing their name and year on the back with a sharpie and covering with the Mod Podge.       To finish the frogs chose their ribbon to hang. As always things don't always turn out exactly the way you think but in the end they are even better because the painted color gave them life! Through this process they never lost their smell everyday I come into the room it warms my heart I'll be sad to wrap them up!      

More Great Gift Ideas


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Book of Seasons Flip Book Preschool Weather Activity

Book of Seasons Flip Book

Preschool Weather Activity


Book of Seasons Flip Book preschool weather activity. Four fun art ideas to help your preschooler learn about the Seasons. We spend the month of March exploring all the different type of weather, to put it all together we made this cute My Book of Seasons Flip Book. I am going to be honest the trickiest part was copying the papers correctly I "recycled" some before I got it right. To start using a simple print shop program I made my master. I simply printed out the words Fall, Fall Wind,Winter, Winter Snow, Spring, Spring Rain, Summer and Summer Sun.

I then folded white paper into a flip book, cut out the words and glued them to the paper in the correct places. Then I copied the pages and assemble the books. For each art page I cut paper the size needed then when finished  added it to their book with tape.


Fall Wind

I pre cut the paper to fit inside the book then the Frogs painted their wind. To give them choices I had Grey paint for a stormy day wind, white paint for a sunny day wind and blue paint for a windy day wind. It was interesting to see most of the Frogs completely cover the orange paper, so maybe you don't need orange!

Next they added their fall foam leaves to the wet paint.


Winter Snow

Using old thread spools, blue paint and silver glitter the Frogs stamped Snow Flakes.


Summer Sun


This was fun and very easy using washable stamp pads we used their hand print to form the sun. Four orange prints, turning the paper each time to create a circle. Then four yellow prints turning each time.


Spring Rain

For Spring Rain we used mini cupcake liners folded in half, pipe cleaner handles and q-tips to dot the rain.

First a dot of glue where they wanted an umbrella then add the mini cupcake liner. open and add another dot of glue to add the pipe cleaner then fold the top down. For rain a Q-Tip to dot.


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Preschool Heart Window Art

Preschool Heart Window Art

  Fill your windows with these easy to make Preschool Heart Window Art. In the past I have created window art using sticky laminated paper, but due to cost I have been looking for new inexpensive ways to create the same stained glass effect.  I love the way these heart turned out they fill our room with love!   Supplies Needed:
  • black construction paper
  • wax paper
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • glittler
Let's get started, as usual due to time and the age of my Frogs I cut a heart out of the center of black construction paper ahead of time. Originally I was going to just use the outline of the heart but I liked the way the black rectangle looked so I chose to leave it alone. To set up our art center I added paint, glitter and taped the wax paper to their art trays. Without the tape they moved around as the Frogs painted, we found this the best way to make them stay put. When  finished painting they sat the black paper on top of the painted, wet wax paper. Then using one finger I had them push around the edges , adding paint underneath if needed to make it stick. While the paint was wet some of my Frogs added glitter, they love glitter! Then we sat them aside to dry. When dry I cut off the excess wax paper and shook off the extra glitter and hung in the window. As always I love the way they turned out. However that being said next time I use this technique I will have two sheets of construction paper. Reason being they look great from inside our classroom but looking in from outside it's hard to see the shape. Is there anything better than watching snow fall? I think not!    

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft

Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft add to your winter classroom decor. Your very own snowflake factory with Pipe cleaners, glue and scented Epson salt! Every winter I try a new way to decorate our classroom windows with snowflakes. In the past we have cut, glued and glittered. This year I wanted something more real, I had some Scented Epson Salt left over and decided to give it a try. . Supplies Needed:
  • pipe cleaners
  • Epson Salt
  • Glue
  • Ornament hangers / string
  • scissors
Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft I divided this into two class days but depending on your time it could all be done at the same time. To start I created a Snowflake Factory on our activity center. Using the pipe cleaners cut in different sizes and colors. My Frogs are three and four so the twisting was hard at first for them, to get them started I twisted some "stars" and then they added to them. As they figured it out the Snowflakes got bigger and bigger and they got out the scissors to cut themselves. Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft pipe cleaners   The following class day at the art center I set out two trays. One filled with the glue and the other with the scented Epson salt. Each Frog twisted on a green ornament holder I had left over from Christmas. You could also use string. Then they dipped it flat into the glue, using their fingers to push down. Then turned it over and repeat the process. Then holding the green hanger they lifted up the snowflake letting some of the glue drop off. Then they placed it in the try of Epson salt and repeated for both sides. They then set them on their art trays to dry. Each Frog has one tray I use all year, sometimes there is dried glitter, paint. In this case the Epson Salt picked up some of the colors that made for a beautiful surprise. Epson Salt Snowflakes 4 Epson Salt Snowflakes 3 Epson Salt Snowflakes 2 Epson Salt Snowflakes 1   I was going to hang them in our window but decided to add them to our "Slide into a New Year" Shape Penguin Winter Bulletin Board! They really gave the board a three d effect Frogs and parents loved! Not to mention they make the hallway smell great!

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft

Slide into a new year winter bulletin board  

Here are some more fun Winter Crafts to enjoy!

Triangle Tress winter bulletin board Shape Penguins preschool craft Oval Penguin Winter Bulletin Board Preschool Art Circle Snowpeople art cut outs

Shape Penguins

Shape Penguins

  Slide into a new year with these cute Shape Penguins! For our classroom bulletin board this winter I decided to add on to last years Oval Penguins. For the month of January we have many themes going on Shapes, Winter, Nursery Rhymes, Faith and our Letter of the Week! Needless to say I have a lot going on, usually the case with me. Lets get started with these cute Shape Penguins.

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction paper (Orange, Black and White)
  • Glue
  • google eyes
Shape Penguins supplies First due to time I cut out all the shapes, for older children this is something they could do. Using the Black paper I cut 1 large shape foe the body and 2 medium shapes for the arms. The orange paper I cut 2 medium shapes for the feet and 1 small shape foe the nose. However, I have seen them done making regular feet not a shape. To finish, Cut 1 Medium/large shape for the tummy it should be a little smaller than your large black shape. Using the windowsill above our Art Center I set out all the shape choices, the Frogs took their time deciding what shape they wanted to make. Preschool Shape Penguin Shape Penguins Shape Penguins Preschool craft           Once the shape was decided we set the shapes on their art tray and talked about the Penguins body, tummy, flippers, feet, nose and eyes. They grabbed the glue and got right to work!   Shape Penguins fun craft Shape Penguins play Shape Penguins glue Shape Penguins fun             I always love the way each one has their own personality! When dried I added them to our Winter Bulletin Board Slide into a New Year.   Preschool Shape Penguin Bulletin Board   As the month goes on we will add Triangle Trees and Circle Snow people!   Oval Penguin Preschool Craft Art triangle tree cut out Circle Snowpeople art cut outs

Peppermint Play dough

Peppermint Play dough

Peppermint Play dough a fun easy recipe to create  yummy smelling play dough that fills your classroom or home with Christmas Cheer! I use the same basic play dough recipe and change the scent to go with the theme. This year I added a lot of Peppermint extract to the dough and it really was a wonderful fresh smell to our classroom. I love that not only the children pick up the dough first thing to smell but the parents as well! Its sets the mood for everyone who enters our room!

Basic Large Play Dough Recipe

I start by adding all the dry ingredient to a large bowl  and set a tea kettle of water on the stove to boil. Then in a four cup measuring bowl I add the oil, color, peppermint and when ready the water. I like to start with two cups of water. I pour into the bowl stir with a spoon to mix as it gets thick I add another 1/2 cup of water. At this point it starts to feel like dough I start adding water or flour to get the perfect texture. Water if it's too hard and flour if it's to sticky. I keep the dough in a plastic zip lock bag, it last this way for about a month after that it starts to dry out a bit. A new tool my Frogs love are these Alphabet Stamps, I love use them for just about every theme!
Peppermint Play Dough Jolly Bakers!
Peppermint Play Dough Jolly Bakers!
Peppermint Play Dough Fun Peppermint Play Dough tools Peppermint Play Dough glitter Peppermint Play Dough Fun play           To go with our festive them we had a classroom vote Do you like Peppermint? Each Frog tasted a peppermint candy and then chose a Yes or No vote. We also had our Candy Cane of Kindness, where I add a name to the cane every time I see or hear a act of kindness.  To complete the fun the Frogs made Candy Cane stained glass for our windows!   peppermint-preschool-voteCandy Cane Stained Glass work2 The Kindness Candy Cane funKindness Candy Cane Complete

Merry Christmas!

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Preschool Hand print Reindeer

Preschool Hand print Reindeer

  This year to accompany the Letter of the week "H" the Frogs used their hand prints to make a  Reindeer and Christmas Tree. I then used their art for our bulletin board "Oh Deer, Christmas is almost here!" preschool-handprint-reindeer-preschool christmas bulletin board

preschool-handprint-reindeer-004-600x800Supplies needed:

As always with art I like to add a lot of choices so the Frogs have the opportunity to make their art as unique as possible. I Start rummaging through the art closet looking for any fun thing to add to the Art Center! Due to time I used two class days to make our Preschool Hand print Reindeer. On the first class we used white paint on green paper for our Hand print Christmas Tree, then Brown Paint on white paper for the antlers. Then I gave them to option to add snow glitter while the paint was still wet. After they dried I cut them out and set them on their art tray ready to become reindeer! OH Deer Bulletin Board handprint art 3 OH Deer Bulletin Board handprint art 2 OH Deer Bulletin Board handprint art I usually don't like to show a finished copy of the art so they wont just recreate but in this case I had to give them an idea of what they were making so I created a face for them to get the idea, as you can see they made it their own not one Reindeer looked alike! To set up the Art Center I cut out the shape of a head and ears, due to the age and time I did the cutting with older children they could make their own shapes. Then I added a tray of goodies and glue, no more needed to be said. preschool-handprint-reindeer-001-800x600 preschool-handprint-reindeer-002-600x800 preschool-handprint-reindeer-003-800x600 The Frogs dived right in, they really love glue! I love to sit back and quietly watch them create, deciding if they wanted Rudolf. preschool-handprint-reindeer-008-800x600 preschool-handprint-reindeer-007-800x600 preschool-handprint-reindeer-006-800x600 To create our Bulletin board I used a plastic black tablecloth for the background, easy and only a dollar! The Frogs (and parents) love to see their art, to avoid writing on the art I have name tags I staple next to each art so they can find their work easy. preschool-handprint-reindeer-057-800x600 preschool-handprint-reindeer-059-600x800 preschool-handprint-reindeer-061-600x800 preschool-handprint-reindeer-062-600x800    

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Magic Painting Preschool Art Ornaments

Magic Painting Preschool Art Ornaments


Just drop, glop your paint, fold and open to see the magic painting inside!


The frogs and I were working with our letter of the Week Letter G. My introduction to the frogs was to glop the paint onto the center of the pre - folded paper.

magic-painting-preschool-art-003-800x600 magic-painting-preschool-art-004-800x600 magic-painting-preschool-art-011-800x600 magic-painting-preschool-art-010-800x600

After they were done with the paint they folded the paper and then using their finger softly smoothed out the paper. Then as they opened their paper the magic appeared!

magic-painting-preschool-art-007-800x600 magic-painting-preschool-art-006-800x600 magic-painting-preschool-art-005-800x600 magic-painting-preschool-art-008-800x600

So we decided to call them Magic Paintings! After they were dry I used my new Laminator  to turn them into Ornaments!



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