Spray Park Trail Mount Rainier National Park

Spray Park Trail

Mount Rainier National Park



We did this hike in August of 2015 and the trail was not to crowded. I must say the road to the trail head is ROUGH with 14 miles of gravel. At first I thought we must be on the wrong road because there were no signs or other cars and we felt alone out in nowhere land.  At the end of the road you enter the parking lot, we were amazed to find it filled with cars, your not alone out there! 

  1. Driving: to the trail head was not to hard except there are no signs. As you get closer you will find a pay station $20.00 per car if you do not have a national park pass. The road is 14 miles unpaved, it's hard on your car so be aware! The parking lot is easy to find with lots of parking.

  2. Bathrooms: They have two vault toilets at the first pay station and another two vault toilets in the parking lot. At the time of our visit no toilet paper in any of them and they were not so clean. Needless to say we did not use them. However, we no carry toilet paper in our bag so we could use in an emergency. There are a few towns you pass on your way in with gas station bathrooms.

  3. Difficulty: I think this hike is best for families with older children. The ride in is long and hard, the path has areas of steep cliffs so your children need to be aware of  their surroundings and no running off! On the day we hiked there was a bear sighting. As we walked along the path other hikers told us, although we never saw it. It's best to carry bear spray and a bell on your pack. The walk to the falls viewpoint was not to hard. However, for me, the last .07 miles to the Spray Park was a tough climb! I should say I have a back injury so I have a difficult time with incline. My daughter and husband did fine. Eagle's Roost Camp is located in open forest near Spray Falls. Mowich Lake Campground is right off of the parking area. For younger children the Mowich Lake trail would be a great place for a day of lake fun! You can also find the trail head from the parking lot. It is a part of the wonderland trail so there are many different possibilities. As always you can make it as hard or easy as you like! This trail was so worth it and I intend to go back in the spring when the meadows are in full bloom!!


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