Preschool Fathers Day Moon and Back Craft

Preschool Fathers Day

Moon and Back Craft

  Preschool Fathers Day Love you to the Moon and Back Craft. Inspired by the classic Eric Carle's Papa get the Moon for me.The fun story of a Papa who builds a large ladder to reach the moon. Due to time we took two days to finish ours.  

Day 1

Supplies Needed:
  • Paint brush
  • watercolors ( shades of blue)
  • white card stock paper
  • photo
  • laminating paper
On white card stock the Frogs painted with watercolors in two different shades of blue.   I had the Frogs pretend to be climbing a ladder and then smile at me. They loved grabbing the Moon for their Daddy! Print the photos out and cut so that you only see their body. I then laminated them so the colors would not run when added to their art.    

Day 2

    Supplies Needed:  
  • your watercolor from day 1
  • glue
  • yellow and gray construction paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • I love you to the Moon and Back paper cut out
  Using the gray construction paper I cut out the moon and yellow stars in different sizes and shapes. If you have been following me you know I love to use trays,  each Frog has their own tray. Using a print shop program I made the " I Love You to the Moon and Back Happy Fathers Day". On each tray was their watercolor from the day before. I added their laminated photo and Fathers Day print out. On the Table The Frogs started with gluing the Moon and stars then they built their ladder.     Next, they built their ladder. I had two baskets one with full size Popsicle sticks the other with half size Popsicle sticks. Now let the ladder building begin!     When finished they added their photo and fathers day. I can not tell who how much we loved these! Each one had it's own personality the color of blues, the size and shape of the ladder, truly beautiful!

Happy Fathers Day