Circle Snow People Preschool Craft

Circle Snow People

Preschool Craft

  Circle Snowpeople art on bulletin board  

For the month of January our classroom theme is winter and shapes! The best part of any craft is seeing how each one is totally unique!

Circle Snowpeople art set up

Supplies Needed:

  • full sheet paper (blue)
  • white paper
  • craft /colored paper
  • markers
  • glue stick
  Circle Snowpeople art center set up  

To set up our Art Center I pre cut circles in three sizes: small, medium and large. I used scrap paper to cut out hats, scarfs and a small triangle nose. I set it out and let them go!

Circle Snowpeople art

I have them glue their Circle Snow People to blue paper then I cut them out to use on our Winter Preschool Bulletin Board.

Circle Snowpeople art on paper

Circle Snow People Preschool Craft

I love the way some used the scarf shape as feet, so cute!

Circle Snowpeople art cut outs

Circle Snowpeople art1


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