Koala Lou Valentines Preschool Bulletin Board

Koala Lou Valentines

Preschool Bulletin Board

  Koala Lou Valentines Preschool Bulletin Board : Valentines preschool activities, Koala Heart craft and Eucalyptus spin art leaves! Also work with the Letter of Week K and L. One of my Favorite stories it that of Little Koala Lou! For this years Valentines Board I decided to use Koala Lou and her family as inspiration. I love putting the materials out and then sitting back and see what comes. Most every frog made a mama Koala and Baby, but we ended up with a board full of Koalas in all shapes and sizes! As they worked I enjoyed hearing their stories of Grandma Koala, truly magical! Great craft for our Letter of the Week "K"!  

Koala Lou Heart Craft


Supplies needed:

  • construction paper ( Black, Grey, Brown, White, Pink)
  • Glue stick
  • large google eyes
  • small google eyes
    To start I cut out large amounts of hearts in a variety of sizes in multi able colors. It's always my goal to give them as much free choice as possible. My sample Mama Koala Had one large heart for the face. Two medium hearts foe the ears with smaller hearts for the inside of the ear. One medium black heart upside down for the nose. Finished with two large google eyes. The smaller Koala Lou's used the same pattern in smaller sizes. I used many colors to give variety but tries to stay true to the images in Koala Lou.    

Eucalyptus Spin Art Leaves

  What do Koalas love to eat? Why Eucalyptus leaves of course! This was a fun project that started on a fun trip to the Goodwill. While looking for treasure I cam across this salad spinner that worked by pulling and saw this would be the perfect way to paint the Eucalyptus Leaves for our Koala Lou Bulletin board. The Frogs loved pulling the string to spin the balls inside over the paper leaves. I added a little Eucalyptus bath wash I got as a gift from one of my frogs to give it a fun smell. However, it was very strong smell so we ended up with all our windows opened! Fun craft to do for our Letter of the Week Letter "L"  

Supplies Needed:

  • white copy paper with two Eucalyptus leaf outlines
  • paint ( green in different shapes, I had fun with some silver and gold)
  • bouncy ball ( for each color, I used 4)
  • Dixie cups
  • scissors
  • optional Eucalyptus oil
  I started by cutting the leaves out to better fit inside the salad spinner. In each Dixie cup I added a small amount of paint, Eucalyptus oil, a little water to thin it. Then dropped a bouncy ball in, I repeated this for each color. The frogs set their leaves into the spinner then dropped all the balls in one at a time. They hen closed the top. With one hand holding the top they pulled the string towards them with the other hand. They really enjoyed this, some needed a little help holding the top. We were so surprised to see not only the paint on the front but the cool line pattern on the back. Our Valentines board not only looks great but smells relaxing as you walk past!  

Valentines fun in our Room


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Our Class is Cool Winter Preschool Activities

Our Class is Cool

Winter Preschool Activities

 Winter preschool shapes Oval Penguins, Triangle Trees,

Circle and Square Snow people!

    This month the frogs have been working on  shapes, winter, and the letters K, L and M! The most fun for me is making it all connect together! Here is some of the fun we had.

Oval Penguins

  the best part in preschool is when the Frogs start making their own request, I love seeing how their minds are making the connections.

Triangle Trees


Circle or Square Snow People

After completing the Oval Penguins, Triangle Trees and Heart Koala's the Frogs wanted to know what we were going to make with a square? My plan was to make circle snow people when I was asked can we make square snow people? So I gave them the choice to make what they wanted cute how each snow person was unique one was even a bit of both!      

Heart Koalas


I love the book Koala Lou and for our February Valentines Board we made these cute Koalas. I love how the Frogs made all sizes and entire families of Koalas! To complete our board we going to make Eucalyptus leaves using a salad spinner I found at the goodwill!


Winter Activities

  Some of our winter fun. Winter slime mixed with plastic stacking shapes. White foam with the Preschoolers Play Learn Diamond Pyramid Shape Building Blocks was great fun. For Pajama Day we brought out the Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes from Discount School Supply on our DIY Light table. Using magnetic wands to scavenger hunt for shapes that are magnetic!    

At The Art Center


Mitten Sun Catchers

  On a Styrofoam tray the frogs used liquid starch and water to paint tissue squares. Really easy the hardest part is they must fill the whole center. When dry they went up in our windows, the winter light shines through making a beautiful glow.

Shape Finder Game

Always fun when you can make something fun using recycled "trash"! The object of the game is to find the letters of your name and different shapes inside the bottle. I went through our craft room finding different foam letters, button and any other kind of  shapes. The Frogs then put each find into a recycled water bottle, we finished it by filling it with sand. I glue gunned the lids for safety.

 Winter Classroom Tree Cardinals



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Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board

Winter Christmas Town

Bulletin Board

  Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board: Silent Night Holy Night Christmas theme preschool bulletin board. With Letter H Houses and Hand print Trees. I truly love the finished Christmas town filled with the letter of the week H Houses and Hand Print Trees! A fun way to celebrate Christmas with the Letter H! To set the base I used a black vinyl tablecloth, from the dollar store. Then filled the bottom half with white roll paper. To create silver stars and the lettering I spray painted white paper silver. I am one for using what I have on hand you could just use shiny silver paper.      

Letter H Houses

      Supplies Needed
  • colored construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • glue stick
  I always love to give as many choices as possible so each house is unique, this year because I was using the houses for a Night Town, I cut out small square and rectangles using yellow if the lights were on in your house and black is the lights are off. I love listing to their stories as they build their houses.      

Hand print Trees

  Supplies needed:
  • Green Stamp pad
  • White paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • staples
Usually I like to make one big Hand Print Tree for our bulletin board. Using different shades of Green  I have the Frogs stamp their hand prints using white paint. For our Christmas Town I had the Frogs stamp their hand print using a green stamp pad. The nice thing about the stamp pad was you could really see the detail in the print, the Frogs loved that! Our Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board: Silent Night Holy Night Christmas theme preschool bulletin board was truly beautiful.    

More Christmas Fun


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Thankful Hands Fall Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Thankful Hands Fall

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

    Melt my heart what a three year old is thankful for! I used to art classes to complete this project. Letter of the week F Finger Paint! We started by making our fall tree using finger paints.

    When each Frog was finished before washing their hands I had them make two hand prints on white card stock paper.   Then on day two I had them make their Turkey body using glue. Supplies Needed for Turkey
  • construction paper (Brown, Yellow, Red and Orange)
  • eyes
  • glue
  While they worked we talked about what they are thankful for, what or who makes them feel happy. I wrote their answers and attached it to their Turkey on our Thankful Hands Fall Thanksgiving Bulletin Board!      

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Fall Owl Theme Preschool Bulletin Board

 Fall Owl Theme Preschool

Bulletin Board

  One of my favorite fall books is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, to follow the story we create our own Owls. In the past we have done Awesome Owls and Paper Plate Owls. This year I wanted to give the Frogs more freedom to make their owl unique. By using different colors and paper shapes each Owl turned out completely different just the way I love it! Supplies Needed:
  • construction paper fall owl colors
  • feathers
  • cupcake liners yellow
  • eyes
  • feathers
  • glue
  To start I cut the paper into circles and some I cut the sides curved to give it a different shape. Using yellow paper cut triangles for the beak. Black paper cut into legs. I simply set out all the supplies and the Frogs picked what they wanted. We then added their owls to the trees in our classroom fall board. To finish the boars the Frogs made a watercolor leaf.

Whoos Ready For Fall

  Putting it all together, I started with yellow and green background. Using tissue paper I created three trees.    

More Owl Fun

Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs Bulletin Board

Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs

Bulletin Board


Welcome to Our Pond Bulletin Board: Happy to be Back at preschool with our school Pond Bulletin Board filled with spin art Frogs! Welcome to our pond started with dividing the bulletin board with two colors blue and yellow. Using different shades of green I added Lilly pads with their name, this way you can see who's frog is who's without writing on their work. To make the Letters pop I cut them out using three colors. Finally the logs and side rocks were made using recycled packing paper.


Spin Art Frogs

  Here comes the fun! As always it's about the process of art I try to give many choices so the Frogs can make their own creations with little help form me. This was so fun once they saw how it was done they were off, really the only help I need to give was sometimes holding the salad spinner down. Supplies Needed:
  • Colored paint
  • Salad Spinner
  • White card stock paper
  • Google eyes different sizes
  • Black Glitter

For the purpose of our Welcome to our Pond Bulletin Board I  cut Frog shapes out of the card stock, I also cut many circles out of regular paper because all the frogs made more than one! After observing real Frogs through a variety of photos and books I had on hand they used glitter if they wanted their frogs to have black spots. In the past I have used Black rice, black hole punches and black beans!


The Frogs start by placing their card stock into the salad spinner. Here comes the fun squeezing the paint and then spinning! They loved peeking at their frogs then adding more paint and spinning till they were just right! Once out they chose the rest! I did this at our family open house it's a great ice breaker for nervous Frogs and their parents!


Here's More Frog Fun


Watercolor and Epson Salt Preschool Sail Boat Art


Watercolor and Epson Salt Preschool

Sail Boat Art

Watercolor and Epson Salt Preschool Sail Boat Art: Easy preschool fun see the effect of Epson salt on wet watercolors to create whimsical Sail Boats. After reading the classic Sail Away by Donald Crews The Frogs created these works of art to join our Paper Plate Whales on our "We've Had a Whale of a Year" Ocean Bulletin Board!

Supplies Needed:

  • Watercolors
  • Epson Salt
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Colored Large Popsicle Stick
  • Glue Stick
  • scissors
  • eye droppers
Start by tracing your Sail Boat onto the Watercolor paper using a black sharpie.   I love to set out the paint and sit back and watch with as little help as possible! Even tough we are making basically them same thing the experience is different for each Frog. I love to say there is no wrong way to do art!     Each Frog had their own way of using the droppers. Some did little drops then watched it slowly spread out. Others liked large puddles they then loved squeezing in and out watching the movement of the liquid.             When finished with the watercolor they sprinkled the Epson Salt and were amazed to see the reaction. I find to give each a small amount of salt is better if they dump it all on at the same time you can still see the movement. After they are dry cut out the Sail Boat shapes. Using a glue stick glue the shapes to the colored Popsicle stick.       I really gave no instructions and it was fun to see all the different  Sail Boats.      

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We’ve Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Paper Plate Whales Bulletin Board


We've Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Bulletin Board

  We've Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Bulletin Board is the perfect feeling for our last school year Bulletin Board! It's hard to believe we are at the end of another school year! We've Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Bulletin Board combines our Letter of the Week "W" and our Ocean Classroom focus. To start the bulletin board I used two different colors of blue for our Ocean.     To complete the bulletin board there are three art crafts. Watercolor and Epson salt sail boats, Paper Plate Whales and easel Watercolor art. At Circle we read The Story of Jonah and the Whale.      

Paper Plate Whales

      While dreaming on Pinterest one day I came across these cute Paper Plate Whales at www.Krokotak.com It is truly amazing how many things you can create with a simple Paper Plate! Due to the age of my Frogs I cut out the whale shape visit Krokotak for how to cut, the rest was all Frogs. The best art is when they can give their creation their own look so I like to give as many choices as possible. Let's get started, here is a list of the supplies I used.     Supplied Needed:
  • Paper Plate
  • Large google eyes
  • marker
  • stamp pads (Blue, Purple and Green)
  • sea sponge
  • Glue ( I love coloring it so we had Blue, White or Black)
  • White scrap paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
    Our classroom focus this month is all things in, on and around the Ocean, for this reason we used sea sponges to stamp our Paper Plate Whales. Not only was it fun to touch it gave a cool pattern to the paper plate.         Being at the end of the year my Frogs know how to get into it, I love to just sit back as watch them work.  Some gave their Paper Plate Whales smiles, each one was truly unique I love that! My Frogs only needed a little help with the blow hole. For this I gave them a small piece of white scrap paper and they cut lines down the edge, they then rolled it and taped it together.           When finished the Paper Plate Whales can stand on their own. I added them to our We've Had a Whale of a Year Bulletin Board! To finish the bulletin board we made Watercolor and Epson Salt Sail Boats         At the easel the Frogs were free to create Watercolors with Ocean colors I then had them cut into to wave shapes to finish the board!    

More fun ideas for Ocean Crafts


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Make a Joyful Noise Spring Bulletin Board Foot Print Birds

Make a Joyful Noise

Spring Bulletin Board

Foot Print Birds


Make a Joyful Noise Spring Bulletin Board Filled with Foot Print Birds of all colors and Nest filled with pom pom eggs and baby birds. This year I have been really working hard to make their art about them and not just following directions where everything looks the same. To really get something out of it they must express themselves. For this reason I gave as much freedom as possible starting with what color or colors would you like your bird to be? What way would you like the color stripes to be up and down or side to side? The Results were so interesting I loved all the different variations and some birds with many eyes, legs and colors. In Class we took a closer look at real birds nest photos of real birds. The Frogs loved telling me about their birds why they had three legs or many eyes, so much imagination!


Joyful Foot Print Birds

  Supplies Needed
  • Paint of all colors / paint brush
  • Paper Brown (Legs) Yellow (Beak)
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • White Card stock
  • Google eyes

To start the Frog chose what color to paint on their foot we then pressed their foot print onto the white card stock. Using a marker I drew the belly and helped them see the shape of their bird. They were then free to create their own bird! Adding only what they wanted. It was such fun to hear the stories of their birds as they were deciding what to add!


Joyful Nest

    Supplies Needed:
  • Paper plate cut in half
  • Google Eyes small
  • Pom Poms of all shapes, colors and sizes
  • Mixed packing, tissue paper for nest
  • Glue
  • orange paper (tiny beaks)

To set the art center I found many different types of nest making material, I think by now you know I am a bit of a hoarder and save everything!  The large pom poms were baby birds and the small pom poms are the unhatched eggs. As you can see our Trees are filled with the most beautiful families!


More Spring Fun


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Eric Carle Little Cloud Inspired Art & Activities

Eric Carle Little Cloud Inspired

Art & Activities

  Eric Carle Little Cloud Inspired Art & Activities: Preschool art to accompany Eric Carle's classic Little Cloud. Puffy painted clouds and Weather Binoculars! The Classic Little Cloud tells the story of a little cloud who changes into the shape of things he has seen. My frogs love this story in fact we read it more than once. We also turned off the lights, lying on the floor we imagined what our clouds would look like. Below are some of the fun art and activities we enjoyed!  

Puffy Painted Clouds

Supplies Needed

  • Glue
  • Q- Tips
  • Shaving Cream
  • Paint
  • Construction Paper
Puffy Paint is easy to make. I like to start by adding glue to a paint container, then add the paint for color, finish with the Shaving Cream. For this activity I made three colors grey storm clouds, white fluffy clouds or blue rain clouds. Using our Letter of the Week, Letter Q Q-Tips to add the puffy paint to our paper. Using a simple print program I made a white paper with "Little Cloud Changed into_________".       When finished painting the Frogs folded their paper in half, then pressed down and opened to see the shape their cloud took!       We added our clouds to our March Bulletin Board Friends are Golden!

Weather Binoculars

Little Cloud Weather Binoculars are a fun way to observe the weather! Due to time I pre made the Binoculars, older children would have no problem making their own. When finished we kept them on our windowsill!  

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • string
  • glue dots
  • paint
  • cotton balls
  • hole puncher, paint brush
      To make your Weather Binoculars attach the two toilet paper rolls together with two glue dots, so they stand side by side. Use the hole punch to make a hole on either side. Cut a long piece of string and attach it to the rolls through the holes. Now you are ready to paint! As always I love to give choices the frogs decided what color their sky ( toilet paper rolls) was then added cotton balls to the wet paint for clouds.    

More fun Weather Activities


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