Hanging Glitter Pine Cone Fall Preschool Craft

Hanging Glitter Pine Cone

Fall Preschool Craft

  As you can tell I love to get out and take long walks. This summer while out on the trail I came across the perfect pine cones. Not to big, no sharp points and perfect color. I grabbed a bag full knowing I would come up with some way to use them in preschool. The same day I collected them I washed them in soapy water and then set them out in the sun to dry. Then stored them in a zip lock bag. Fast forward to November and our classroom windows although full of fall watercolor leaves needed something more and I remembered the pine cones. All you need to make these fun fall glitter (G Letter of the Week) pine cones is glitter, glue, yarn and a pine cone.     The Frogs enjoyed warping the yarn through the pine cone. To make it easy to hang I cut a long string of yarn then folded it in half. I then started the yard in the pine cone and they finished it. When done it had a loop on the top to hang easy.     Next they held the pine cone and dipped it into the glue. When covered in glue they poured glitter, we used  red and gold this way they can be used to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas!     When finished I attached them to our drying wrack to dry, this took about two days for some. When I hung them from the curtain in our window, I love they way they move and sparkle!    

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Watercolor and Black Glue Fall Leaf Window Preschool Art

Watercolor and Black Glue Fall Leaf

Window Preschool Art

    My favorite time of year is fall when the leaves change color and the weather turns cold and windy. I love the look of watercolors and black glue and decided to try it in a way that could decorate our windows. I truly love the way they turned out. They give our room that fall color glow!     Supplies Needed:
  • watercolor paper
  • black construction paper
  • fall watercolors
  • paint brush
  • black glue
  To get ready I mix the black glue. easy to make I just add black paint to a glue bottle and mix until I get the color I want. Using the black construction paper I cut out the outline of a leaf I like the way black looks but you could use any color for your outline. The Frogs painted the watercolors then added the black glue to the outline leaf and pressed it to their wet watercolor.       They then added the black glue, I had some large leaves on hand so they could see the way a leaf has lines that run through them. They used the glue to make their own lines. As they got started I worried they might be using to much glue for the light to shine through, keeping my thoughts to myself of course.                 When dry I cut around the outline and hung in the windows. I love the way they look, and surprisingly the black glue is not to much the light still shines through!    

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Thankful Hands Fall Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Thankful Hands Fall

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

    Melt my heart what a three year old is thankful for! I used to art classes to complete this project. Letter of the week F Finger Paint! We started by making our fall tree using finger paints.

    When each Frog was finished before washing their hands I had them make two hand prints on white card stock paper.   Then on day two I had them make their Turkey body using glue. Supplies Needed for Turkey
  • construction paper (Brown, Yellow, Red and Orange)
  • eyes
  • glue
  While they worked we talked about what they are thankful for, what or who makes them feel happy. I wrote their answers and attached it to their Turkey on our Thankful Hands Fall Thanksgiving Bulletin Board!      

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DIY Light Box for Preschool

DIY Light Box for Preschool

    If your anything like me your always looking for more ways to add to your classroom without breaking the bank! For years I have wanted a light box for our preschool this is a very simple way for hours of play. Last year I used a clear storage box turned upside down filled with two flash lights. The kids had fun but it was on the floor and the flashlights lost their brightness after awhile.     Over the summer we found a clear long under the bed storage container with a flat clear top! Not easy to find most have a colored top. To make the box I drilled a small hole in the side of the container. Using old colored Christmas lights inside the box bringing the plug through the hole on the side. To give the box height I set it inside the sensory table and it worked perfect! For not that much money it works great and the Frogs love it!  

Fall Owl Theme Preschool Bulletin Board

 Fall Owl Theme Preschool

Bulletin Board

  One of my favorite fall books is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, to follow the story we create our own Owls. In the past we have done Awesome Owls and Paper Plate Owls. This year I wanted to give the Frogs more freedom to make their owl unique. By using different colors and paper shapes each Owl turned out completely different just the way I love it! Supplies Needed:
  • construction paper fall owl colors
  • feathers
  • cupcake liners yellow
  • eyes
  • feathers
  • glue
  To start I cut the paper into circles and some I cut the sides curved to give it a different shape. Using yellow paper cut triangles for the beak. Black paper cut into legs. I simply set out all the supplies and the Frogs picked what they wanted. We then added their owls to the trees in our classroom fall board. To finish the boars the Frogs made a watercolor leaf.

Whoos Ready For Fall

  Putting it all together, I started with yellow and green background. Using tissue paper I created three trees.    

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Alphabet and Name Wood Cookies preschool activity

Alphabet and Name Wood Cookies

preschool activity

  Alphabet and Name Wood Cookies preschool activity: recycle a fallen tree branch into fun cookies for preschoolers to play. This past summer while garage hunting we came across this power saw for only five dollars! Who could pass that up? I try to always add new element to my classroom and right away I thought of wood cookies. Lucky for me I live in the Northwest so I just went in the back yard forest and found a fallen tree. They really are very easy to make. First I cut the tree into 1 1/2" circles, we had a long tree so I just kept on going. I ended up having the Alphabet upper case, lower case, numbers 1 - 20 and finally the names of my new class. After cutting the wood into cookie size sand both sides to get all the bumps and pointy parts smooth. Using acrylic paint I wrote their name then a Sharpie to outline. To finish I painted wood sealer onto both sides, I ended up doing five coats, being careful to let it dry completely between layers.     I have the Wood cookies out in our Literacy Center. I have also used them in our Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table. The Frogs love playing with them!  

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Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs Bulletin Board

Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs

Bulletin Board


Welcome to Our Pond Bulletin Board: Happy to be Back at preschool with our school Pond Bulletin Board filled with spin art Frogs! Welcome to our pond started with dividing the bulletin board with two colors blue and yellow. Using different shades of green I added Lilly pads with their name, this way you can see who's frog is who's without writing on their work. To make the Letters pop I cut them out using three colors. Finally the logs and side rocks were made using recycled packing paper.


Spin Art Frogs

  Here comes the fun! As always it's about the process of art I try to give many choices so the Frogs can make their own creations with little help form me. This was so fun once they saw how it was done they were off, really the only help I need to give was sometimes holding the salad spinner down. Supplies Needed:
  • Colored paint
  • Salad Spinner
  • White card stock paper
  • Google eyes different sizes
  • Black Glitter

For the purpose of our Welcome to our Pond Bulletin Board I  cut Frog shapes out of the card stock, I also cut many circles out of regular paper because all the frogs made more than one! After observing real Frogs through a variety of photos and books I had on hand they used glitter if they wanted their frogs to have black spots. In the past I have used Black rice, black hole punches and black beans!


The Frogs start by placing their card stock into the salad spinner. Here comes the fun squeezing the paint and then spinning! They loved peeking at their frogs then adding more paint and spinning till they were just right! Once out they chose the rest! I did this at our family open house it's a great ice breaker for nervous Frogs and their parents!


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Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table

Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table

  Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table! My Sensory Table is always set up with the I Spy Theme, adding photos of fun thing to find while your playing! On the first week of school I want my Frogs to feel like this is their room, to this end they will find their names throughout the room in surprising ways. This summer after finding a great deal on a saw, $5 at a garage sale, I decided to make Wood Cookies. I started with their Name then the Alphabet and Numbers!   To create our Pond water I used Lavender colored Rice. For the Lilly pads their Name Wood Cookies and paper towel rolls for logs! For the I spy I took photos of Frogs, Fish and a fly to find. The Frogs and their parents were so excited to find their names! The room smells great and all the Frogs felt welcomed to their class!    

More Fun Ideas!


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Lavender Rice Sensory Play

Lavender Rice Sensory Play

It's the start of a new year and I could not be more excited! To welcome my new Frogs to the classroom I invite them to find their name throughout the room. In our sensory table I set Welcome to our pond! Instead of using water for our "Pond" I decided on rice, to help relax nervous parents and new frogs I decided to add a little Lavender Rice!     Supplies Needed:
  • Rice
  • purple washable paint
  • zip lock bag
  • lavender oil
  • wax paper
  To start add your rice and paint and Lavender oil to the zip lock bag. Now shake this can be great fun for little hands! Using paint you don't need to add anything else! For our Rainbow Rice I used food coloring and vinegar both work nice, however this was faster. Then roll wax paper onto a cookie tray and spread the rice out to dry. To add to our Pond I made Name Wood Cookies and paper towel roll logs. Very simple and I have to say the Frogs loved it!            

More Fun Ideas

Lavender Play Dough and Leaf impressions

Use Basic Play Dough Recipe then add Lavender oil!


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Preschool Fathers Day Moon and Back Craft

Preschool Fathers Day

Moon and Back Craft

  Preschool Fathers Day Love you to the Moon and Back Craft. Inspired by the classic Eric Carle's Papa get the Moon for me.The fun story of a Papa who builds a large ladder to reach the moon. Due to time we took two days to finish ours.  

Day 1

Supplies Needed:
  • Paint brush
  • watercolors ( shades of blue)
  • white card stock paper
  • photo
  • laminating paper
On white card stock the Frogs painted with watercolors in two different shades of blue.   I had the Frogs pretend to be climbing a ladder and then smile at me. They loved grabbing the Moon for their Daddy! Print the photos out and cut so that you only see their body. I then laminated them so the colors would not run when added to their art.    

Day 2

    Supplies Needed:  
  • your watercolor from day 1
  • glue
  • yellow and gray construction paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • I love you to the Moon and Back paper cut out
  Using the gray construction paper I cut out the moon and yellow stars in different sizes and shapes. If you have been following me you know I love to use trays,  each Frog has their own tray. Using a print shop program I made the " I Love You to the Moon and Back Happy Fathers Day". On each tray was their watercolor from the day before. I added their laminated photo and Fathers Day print out. On the Table The Frogs started with gluing the Moon and stars then they built their ladder.     Next, they built their ladder. I had two baskets one with full size Popsicle sticks the other with half size Popsicle sticks. Now let the ladder building begin!     When finished they added their photo and fathers day. I can not tell who how much we loved these! Each one had it's own personality the color of blues, the size and shape of the ladder, truly beautiful!

Happy Fathers Day