Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs Bulletin Board

Welcome to Our Pond Spin Art Frogs

Bulletin Board


Welcome to Our Pond Bulletin Board: Happy to be Back at preschool with our school Pond Bulletin Board filled with spin art Frogs! Welcome to our pond started with dividing the bulletin board with two colors blue and yellow. Using different shades of green I added Lilly pads with their name, this way you can see who's frog is who's without writing on their work. To make the Letters pop I cut them out using three colors. Finally the logs and side rocks were made using recycled packing paper.


Spin Art Frogs

  Here comes the fun! As always it's about the process of art I try to give many choices so the Frogs can make their own creations with little help form me. This was so fun once they saw how it was done they were off, really the only help I need to give was sometimes holding the salad spinner down. Supplies Needed:
  • Colored paint
  • Salad Spinner
  • White card stock paper
  • Google eyes different sizes
  • Black Glitter

For the purpose of our Welcome to our Pond Bulletin Board I  cut Frog shapes out of the card stock, I also cut many circles out of regular paper because all the frogs made more than one! After observing real Frogs through a variety of photos and books I had on hand they used glitter if they wanted their frogs to have black spots. In the past I have used Black rice, black hole punches and black beans!


The Frogs start by placing their card stock into the salad spinner. Here comes the fun squeezing the paint and then spinning! They loved peeking at their frogs then adding more paint and spinning till they were just right! Once out they chose the rest! I did this at our family open house it's a great ice breaker for nervous Frogs and their parents!


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Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table

Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table

  Welcome to Our Pond Sensory Table! My Sensory Table is always set up with the I Spy Theme, adding photos of fun thing to find while your playing! On the first week of school I want my Frogs to feel like this is their room, to this end they will find their names throughout the room in surprising ways. This summer after finding a great deal on a saw, $5 at a garage sale, I decided to make Wood Cookies. I started with their Name then the Alphabet and Numbers!   To create our Pond water I used Lavender colored Rice. For the Lilly pads their Name Wood Cookies and paper towel rolls for logs! For the I spy I took photos of Frogs, Fish and a fly to find. The Frogs and their parents were so excited to find their names! The room smells great and all the Frogs felt welcomed to their class!    

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Lavender Rice Sensory Play

Lavender Rice Sensory Play

It's the start of a new year and I could not be more excited! To welcome my new Frogs to the classroom I invite them to find their name throughout the room. In our sensory table I set Welcome to our pond! Instead of using water for our "Pond" I decided on rice, to help relax nervous parents and new frogs I decided to add a little Lavender Rice!     Supplies Needed:
  • Rice
  • purple washable paint
  • zip lock bag
  • lavender oil
  • wax paper
  To start add your rice and paint and Lavender oil to the zip lock bag. Now shake this can be great fun for little hands! Using paint you don't need to add anything else! For our Rainbow Rice I used food coloring and vinegar both work nice, however this was faster. Then roll wax paper onto a cookie tray and spread the rice out to dry. To add to our Pond I made Name Wood Cookies and paper towel roll logs. Very simple and I have to say the Frogs loved it!            

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Lavender Play Dough and Leaf impressions

Use Basic Play Dough Recipe then add Lavender oil!


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Preschool Fathers Day Moon and Back Craft

Preschool Fathers Day

Moon and Back Craft

  Preschool Fathers Day Love you to the Moon and Back Craft. Inspired by the classic Eric Carle's Papa get the Moon for me.The fun story of a Papa who builds a large ladder to reach the moon. Due to time we took two days to finish ours.  

Day 1

Supplies Needed:
  • Paint brush
  • watercolors ( shades of blue)
  • white card stock paper
  • photo
  • laminating paper
On white card stock the Frogs painted with watercolors in two different shades of blue.   I had the Frogs pretend to be climbing a ladder and then smile at me. They loved grabbing the Moon for their Daddy! Print the photos out and cut so that you only see their body. I then laminated them so the colors would not run when added to their art.    

Day 2

    Supplies Needed:  
  • your watercolor from day 1
  • glue
  • yellow and gray construction paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • I love you to the Moon and Back paper cut out
  Using the gray construction paper I cut out the moon and yellow stars in different sizes and shapes. If you have been following me you know I love to use trays,  each Frog has their own tray. Using a print shop program I made the " I Love You to the Moon and Back Happy Fathers Day". On each tray was their watercolor from the day before. I added their laminated photo and Fathers Day print out. On the Table The Frogs started with gluing the Moon and stars then they built their ladder.     Next, they built their ladder. I had two baskets one with full size Popsicle sticks the other with half size Popsicle sticks. Now let the ladder building begin!     When finished they added their photo and fathers day. I can not tell who how much we loved these! Each one had it's own personality the color of blues, the size and shape of the ladder, truly beautiful!

Happy Fathers Day


Watercolor and Epson Salt Preschool Sail Boat Art


Watercolor and Epson Salt Preschool

Sail Boat Art

Watercolor and Epson Salt Preschool Sail Boat Art: Easy preschool fun see the effect of Epson salt on wet watercolors to create whimsical Sail Boats. After reading the classic Sail Away by Donald Crews The Frogs created these works of art to join our Paper Plate Whales on our "We've Had a Whale of a Year" Ocean Bulletin Board!

Supplies Needed:

  • Watercolors
  • Epson Salt
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Colored Large Popsicle Stick
  • Glue Stick
  • scissors
  • eye droppers
Start by tracing your Sail Boat onto the Watercolor paper using a black sharpie.   I love to set out the paint and sit back and watch with as little help as possible! Even tough we are making basically them same thing the experience is different for each Frog. I love to say there is no wrong way to do art!     Each Frog had their own way of using the droppers. Some did little drops then watched it slowly spread out. Others liked large puddles they then loved squeezing in and out watching the movement of the liquid.             When finished with the watercolor they sprinkled the Epson Salt and were amazed to see the reaction. I find to give each a small amount of salt is better if they dump it all on at the same time you can still see the movement. After they are dry cut out the Sail Boat shapes. Using a glue stick glue the shapes to the colored Popsicle stick.       I really gave no instructions and it was fun to see all the different  Sail Boats.      

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Under the Sea Play Dough Recipe

Under the Sea Play Dough Recipe


Under the Sea Play Dough Recipe: Easy to make no cook play dough recipe!

Just add Glitter and Sea Creatures for hours of Fun!

Makes a large batch!

This Play dough recipe usually takes me about 10 minutes to make and last in my classroom for about a month. I start by set my water on the stove to boil. While waiting for it to boil mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the oil and food coloring to a measuring cup, I like to use glass two cup  so when I add the hot water I can see if I need more color. When your water is boiling add it to the measuring cup I mix it to see the color then add it to the large bowl. With a large spoon mix the dough when ready I drop it onto the counter and kneed it. If it seems dry add more oil to wet add flour. I keep the play dough in a zip lock gallon bag.   Here's where the Frogs really have fun! Using some salt and pepper shakers from the Dollar Store the Frogs add glitter. It looks messy but really the play dough picks it all up and in the end your play dough sparkles! We also added plastic Ocean creatures, the Frogs loved stamping and hiding them in the Play Dough for a friend to find.      

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We’ve Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Paper Plate Whales Bulletin Board


We've Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Bulletin Board

  We've Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Bulletin Board is the perfect feeling for our last school year Bulletin Board! It's hard to believe we are at the end of another school year! We've Had a Whale of a Year Ocean Bulletin Board combines our Letter of the Week "W" and our Ocean Classroom focus. To start the bulletin board I used two different colors of blue for our Ocean.     To complete the bulletin board there are three art crafts. Watercolor and Epson salt sail boats, Paper Plate Whales and easel Watercolor art. At Circle we read The Story of Jonah and the Whale.      

Paper Plate Whales

      While dreaming on Pinterest one day I came across these cute Paper Plate Whales at www.Krokotak.com It is truly amazing how many things you can create with a simple Paper Plate! Due to the age of my Frogs I cut out the whale shape visit Krokotak for how to cut, the rest was all Frogs. The best art is when they can give their creation their own look so I like to give as many choices as possible. Let's get started, here is a list of the supplies I used.     Supplied Needed:
  • Paper Plate
  • Large google eyes
  • marker
  • stamp pads (Blue, Purple and Green)
  • sea sponge
  • Glue ( I love coloring it so we had Blue, White or Black)
  • White scrap paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
    Our classroom focus this month is all things in, on and around the Ocean, for this reason we used sea sponges to stamp our Paper Plate Whales. Not only was it fun to touch it gave a cool pattern to the paper plate.         Being at the end of the year my Frogs know how to get into it, I love to just sit back as watch them work.  Some gave their Paper Plate Whales smiles, each one was truly unique I love that! My Frogs only needed a little help with the blow hole. For this I gave them a small piece of white scrap paper and they cut lines down the edge, they then rolled it and taped it together.           When finished the Paper Plate Whales can stand on their own. I added them to our We've Had a Whale of a Year Bulletin Board! To finish the bulletin board we made Watercolor and Epson Salt Sail Boats         At the easel the Frogs were free to create Watercolors with Ocean colors I then had them cut into to wave shapes to finish the board!    

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Make a Joyful Noise Spring Bulletin Board Foot Print Birds

Make a Joyful Noise

Spring Bulletin Board

Foot Print Birds


Make a Joyful Noise Spring Bulletin Board Filled with Foot Print Birds of all colors and Nest filled with pom pom eggs and baby birds. This year I have been really working hard to make their art about them and not just following directions where everything looks the same. To really get something out of it they must express themselves. For this reason I gave as much freedom as possible starting with what color or colors would you like your bird to be? What way would you like the color stripes to be up and down or side to side? The Results were so interesting I loved all the different variations and some birds with many eyes, legs and colors. In Class we took a closer look at real birds nest photos of real birds. The Frogs loved telling me about their birds why they had three legs or many eyes, so much imagination!


Joyful Foot Print Birds

  Supplies Needed
  • Paint of all colors / paint brush
  • Paper Brown (Legs) Yellow (Beak)
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • White Card stock
  • Google eyes

To start the Frog chose what color to paint on their foot we then pressed their foot print onto the white card stock. Using a marker I drew the belly and helped them see the shape of their bird. They were then free to create their own bird! Adding only what they wanted. It was such fun to hear the stories of their birds as they were deciding what to add!


Joyful Nest

    Supplies Needed:
  • Paper plate cut in half
  • Google Eyes small
  • Pom Poms of all shapes, colors and sizes
  • Mixed packing, tissue paper for nest
  • Glue
  • orange paper (tiny beaks)

To set the art center I found many different types of nest making material, I think by now you know I am a bit of a hoarder and save everything!  The large pom poms were baby birds and the small pom poms are the unhatched eggs. As you can see our Trees are filled with the most beautiful families!


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Book of Seasons Flip Book Preschool Weather Activity

Book of Seasons Flip Book

Preschool Weather Activity


Book of Seasons Flip Book preschool weather activity. Four fun art ideas to help your preschooler learn about the Seasons. We spend the month of March exploring all the different type of weather, to put it all together we made this cute My Book of Seasons Flip Book. I am going to be honest the trickiest part was copying the papers correctly I "recycled" some before I got it right. To start using a simple print shop program I made my master. I simply printed out the words Fall, Fall Wind,Winter, Winter Snow, Spring, Spring Rain, Summer and Summer Sun.

I then folded white paper into a flip book, cut out the words and glued them to the paper in the correct places. Then I copied the pages and assemble the books. For each art page I cut paper the size needed then when finished  added it to their book with tape.


Fall Wind

I pre cut the paper to fit inside the book then the Frogs painted their wind. To give them choices I had Grey paint for a stormy day wind, white paint for a sunny day wind and blue paint for a windy day wind. It was interesting to see most of the Frogs completely cover the orange paper, so maybe you don't need orange!

Next they added their fall foam leaves to the wet paint.


Winter Snow

Using old thread spools, blue paint and silver glitter the Frogs stamped Snow Flakes.


Summer Sun


This was fun and very easy using washable stamp pads we used their hand print to form the sun. Four orange prints, turning the paper each time to create a circle. Then four yellow prints turning each time.


Spring Rain

For Spring Rain we used mini cupcake liners folded in half, pipe cleaner handles and q-tips to dot the rain.

First a dot of glue where they wanted an umbrella then add the mini cupcake liner. open and add another dot of glue to add the pipe cleaner then fold the top down. For rain a Q-Tip to dot.


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Preschool Rain Sound Recycled Bottle

Preschool Rain Sound

Recycled Bottle

Preschool Rain Sound Recycled Bottle Craft- A fun easy activity to recycle your old water bottles and bring the relaxing sound of falling rain! This week the Frogs played with the Letter of the Week: Letter R. By now you know I love  to use all five scenes when exploring a Letter. As one of our activities the Frogs made their own Rain Sound Bottles using recycled bottles and Rainbow Rice. There is something so calming when you listen to the rain and of course the fun of shaking it loudly for a very stormy rain! The Rain Sound Bottle was very easy to make with things found right at home!

Supplies Needed:

  • Recycled Water Bottle
  • Rice
  • Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Sharpie
  • funnel

First wash and clean your bottle, using a sharpie write your name. Now your ready for the fun, take a walk outside and collect sticks. I did this a day ahead and let them dry out, living in the Northwest the sticks were a little wet. The Frogs simply filled there bottles with sticks then added Rice to the bottle using a funnel. To keep the bottle secure I Hot glued the cap.


I love giving the Frogs choices so they had the option of filling their Bottle with white rice, Rainbow Rice or Rainbow mini Letter Noodles.


Rainbow Rice

  Very easy to make and so fun to play with. I made one large batch and used it for three different activities! Our Letter of the Week Alphabet Book, Rain Sound Bottle and Sensory Table!  

Supplies Needed:

  • 4 cups Rice
  • 1 Tbs. Vinegar
  • food coloring or liquid watercolors
  • Gallon Zip Lock Bag
  • wax paper

Using a large zip lock bag I added the rice, vinegar and coloring. Then close the bag and mix it making sure to cover the rice. Covering a cookie try with wax paper and pouring the rice out across the paper to dry. Repeat the process for all colors. When dried put back into the zip lock bag for storage.


More Rainbow Fun

Traveling Rainbow

    Using recycled peach jars I filled them with liquid watercolors in the six rainbow colors. Using folded paper towels we connected them and watched the colors travel up and meet at the top. The Frogs loved it so much we did it many times saving the paper towels to examine as they dried.  When we were done with our Rainbow fun we added the lids and placed them in our window to admire when the sun shines through!              

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