Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board

Winter Christmas Town

Bulletin Board

  Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board: Silent Night Holy Night Christmas theme preschool bulletin board. With Letter H Houses and Hand print Trees. I truly love the finished Christmas town filled with the letter of the week H Houses and Hand Print Trees! A fun way to celebrate Christmas with the Letter H! To set the base I used a black vinyl tablecloth, from the dollar store. Then filled the bottom half with white roll paper. To create silver stars and the lettering I spray painted white paper silver. I am one for using what I have on hand you could just use shiny silver paper.      

Letter H Houses

      Supplies Needed
  • colored construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • glue stick
  I always love to give as many choices as possible so each house is unique, this year because I was using the houses for a Night Town, I cut out small square and rectangles using yellow if the lights were on in your house and black is the lights are off. I love listing to their stories as they build their houses.      

Hand print Trees

  Supplies needed:
  • Green Stamp pad
  • White paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • staples
Usually I like to make one big Hand Print Tree for our bulletin board. Using different shades of Green¬† I have the Frogs stamp their hand prints using white paint. For our Christmas Town I had the Frogs stamp their hand print using a green stamp pad. The nice thing about the stamp pad was you could really see the detail in the print, the Frogs loved that! Our Winter Christmas Town Bulletin Board: Silent Night Holy Night Christmas theme preschool bulletin board was truly beautiful.    

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No Bake Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments

No Bake Gingerbread Salt Dough



This week we made No Bake Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments for the Letter G. This was a first time for me so I learned what not to do again. As well as what unexpectedly worked well. The very best part was how they made the room smell! Although it looks like a lot is needed really they are very simple I just wrote down everything I used to help me organize ten Frogs work! Let's get started!

    Supplies Needed:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 tbs. Ginger
  • 1 cup Cinnamon
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 1/2 cup warm water
  • straw
  • wax paper
  • cookie cutters
  • Mod Podge or clear spray
  • acrylic paints
  • ribbon
To start add all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl then slowly add the warm water.¬† I premixed the dough together right before class then divided it into ten small balls, one for each child. Then placed them in a plastic bag and set aside. Before class I lined a plastic tray with wax paper.  

Roll and Cut


Hole for Hanging

As each frog came to the Art Center I gave them a ball of dough and then let them choose their own cutters. I had rolling pins out but most found it easier to simply roll the dough in a ball and then push down flat. They kept doing this until all their dough was gone. Some only made two I had a few get five and six designs cut.      

Cover to Protect

The straw was used to make a hole in the dough to hang. This is where I made my boo boo I left them out over night to dry and they got a white salty look. You should cover them with Mod Podge or clear spray right away to keep the dark brown color. I immanently turned them over and covered the still brown gingerbread with Mod Podge. Then after they dried covered the other side.        

Paint to Finish

No harm done while the frogs were making their painted ball ornament I had them paint the white salt side with acrylic paint and then again covered with Mod Podge. Then finished by writing their name and year on the back with a sharpie and covering with the Mod Podge.       To finish the frogs chose their ribbon to hang. As always things don't always turn out exactly the way you think but in the end they are even better because the painted color gave them life! Through this process they never lost their smell everyday I come into the room it warms my heart I'll be sad to wrap them up!      

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