Make a Joyful Noise Spring Bulletin Board Foot Print Birds

Make a Joyful Noise

Spring Bulletin Board

Foot Print Birds


Make a Joyful Noise Spring Bulletin Board Filled with Foot Print Birds of all colors and Nest filled with pom pom eggs and baby birds. This year I have been really working hard to make their art about them and not just following directions where everything looks the same. To really get something out of it they must express themselves. For this reason I gave as much freedom as possible starting with what color or colors would you like your bird to be? What way would you like the color stripes to be up and down or side to side? The Results were so interesting I loved all the different variations and some birds with many eyes, legs and colors. In Class we took a closer look at real birds nest photos of real birds. The Frogs loved telling me about their birds why they had three legs or many eyes, so much imagination!


Joyful Foot Print Birds

  Supplies Needed
  • Paint of all colors / paint brush
  • Paper Brown (Legs) Yellow (Beak)
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • White Card stock
  • Google eyes

To start the Frog chose what color to paint on their foot we then pressed their foot print onto the white card stock. Using a marker I drew the belly and helped them see the shape of their bird. They were then free to create their own bird! Adding only what they wanted. It was such fun to hear the stories of their birds as they were deciding what to add!


Joyful Nest

    Supplies Needed:
  • Paper plate cut in half
  • Google Eyes small
  • Pom Poms of all shapes, colors and sizes
  • Mixed packing, tissue paper for nest
  • Glue
  • orange paper (tiny beaks)

To set the art center I found many different types of nest making material, I think by now you know I am a bit of a hoarder and save everything!  The large pom poms were baby birds and the small pom poms are the unhatched eggs. As you can see our Trees are filled with the most beautiful families!


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