Hot Air Balloon – Watercolor and Crayon Art

Hot Air Balloon - Watercolor and Crayon Art

Hot Air Balloon - Watercolor and Crayon Art for our Valentines bulletin board Love is in the air. The fun of watching the watercolor resist the crayon wax! This week we happened to be working on the Letter of the Week "L", the Frogs used crayons to draw lines on their Hot Air Balloon. Their faces lit up as they ran the watercolor across and saw the paint move away from their lines. To start I copied the outline of a Hot Air Balloon on white card stock. Then set out photos of Hot Air Balloons so the Frogs could study their lines (zig zag, horizontal,vertical) and designs. After they finished with their lines they used watercolors to fill in.     While we waited for the art to dry I took a photo of each Frog waving and holding a sign with one of the Fruits of the Spirit. Since our Hot Air Balloons are for our Valentines Bulletin Board I love to incorporate the Fruit of the Spirit!   When the art was dry I cut out the balloon, due to time and age of my frogs. Then cut out two line of string using tape to attach them together. To finish I taped the photo to look like they are flying their Hot Air Balloon.  

Love is in the Air

To complete our Valentines Bulletin Board we made these fun Glitter Clouds. Best part is no instructions needed the Frogs knew just what to do with their glue and glitter!              

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Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft

Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft add to your winter classroom decor. Your very own snowflake factory with Pipe cleaners, glue and scented Epson salt! Every winter I try a new way to decorate our classroom windows with snowflakes. In the past we have cut, glued and glittered. This year I wanted something more real, I had some Scented Epson Salt left over and decided to give it a try. . Supplies Needed:
  • pipe cleaners
  • Epson Salt
  • Glue
  • Ornament hangers / string
  • scissors
Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft I divided this into two class days but depending on your time it could all be done at the same time. To start I created a Snowflake Factory on our activity center. Using the pipe cleaners cut in different sizes and colors. My Frogs are three and four so the twisting was hard at first for them, to get them started I twisted some "stars" and then they added to them. As they figured it out the Snowflakes got bigger and bigger and they got out the scissors to cut themselves. Epson Salt Snowflakes Winter Craft pipe cleaners   The following class day at the art center I set out two trays. One filled with the glue and the other with the scented Epson salt. Each Frog twisted on a green ornament holder I had left over from Christmas. You could also use string. Then they dipped it flat into the glue, using their fingers to push down. Then turned it over and repeat the process. Then holding the green hanger they lifted up the snowflake letting some of the glue drop off. Then they placed it in the try of Epson salt and repeated for both sides. They then set them on their art trays to dry. Each Frog has one tray I use all year, sometimes there is dried glitter, paint. In this case the Epson Salt picked up some of the colors that made for a beautiful surprise. Epson Salt Snowflakes 4 Epson Salt Snowflakes 3 Epson Salt Snowflakes 2 Epson Salt Snowflakes 1   I was going to hang them in our window but decided to add them to our "Slide into a New Year" Shape Penguin Winter Bulletin Board! They really gave the board a three d effect Frogs and parents loved! Not to mention they make the hallway smell great!

Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft

Slide into a new year winter bulletin board  

Here are some more fun Winter Crafts to enjoy!

Triangle Tress winter bulletin board Shape Penguins preschool craft Oval Penguin Winter Bulletin Board Preschool Art Circle Snowpeople art cut outs

Shape Penguins

Shape Penguins

  Slide into a new year with these cute Shape Penguins! For our classroom bulletin board this winter I decided to add on to last years Oval Penguins. For the month of January we have many themes going on Shapes, Winter, Nursery Rhymes, Faith and our Letter of the Week! Needless to say I have a lot going on, usually the case with me. Lets get started with these cute Shape Penguins.

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction paper (Orange, Black and White)
  • Glue
  • google eyes
Shape Penguins supplies First due to time I cut out all the shapes, for older children this is something they could do. Using the Black paper I cut 1 large shape foe the body and 2 medium shapes for the arms. The orange paper I cut 2 medium shapes for the feet and 1 small shape foe the nose. However, I have seen them done making regular feet not a shape. To finish, Cut 1 Medium/large shape for the tummy it should be a little smaller than your large black shape. Using the windowsill above our Art Center I set out all the shape choices, the Frogs took their time deciding what shape they wanted to make. Preschool Shape Penguin Shape Penguins Shape Penguins Preschool craft           Once the shape was decided we set the shapes on their art tray and talked about the Penguins body, tummy, flippers, feet, nose and eyes. They grabbed the glue and got right to work!   Shape Penguins fun craft Shape Penguins play Shape Penguins glue Shape Penguins fun             I always love the way each one has their own personality! When dried I added them to our Winter Bulletin Board Slide into a New Year.   Preschool Shape Penguin Bulletin Board   As the month goes on we will add Triangle Trees and Circle Snow people!   Oval Penguin Preschool Craft Art triangle tree cut out Circle Snowpeople art cut outs