Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

California State Park

Henry Cowell Redwoods 

  On a resent trip home I rediscovered the magic of Henry Cowell State Park. From it's towering Redwoods to it's Banana slugs it's the perfect family day. Henry Cowell has everything to offer from hiking, fishing, camping and even the Roaring Camp Big Trees Railroad next door! On our travel day we had a large group of kids ranging in age from 5 to 13 and everyone saw something different. The little ones found walking sticks and went exploring inside the giant Redwoods. The older group were busy  taking photos and posting their finds. My favorite part was watching them discover the true beauty of the park. The feel of the bark, the pattern of the leaves and the hidden Banana slugs! I grew up with this park in my back yard and never truly appreciated how lucky I was to have such beauty at my finger tips. Seeing it through the eyes of children gives a new glow! We finished our day with a side trip to the Bigfoot Museum located just outside the Day-use Entrance. If you love Bigfoot like I do this is a must. Before we entered the kids were sure Bigfoot was not real. Upon entering you meet the Museum's curator  who is happy to share his experiences and world of knowledge on all things Bigfoot. After leaving all the children were convinced he was real!   It's a very small building we actually had such a large group we had to go in shifts, each group got a different story, which made it all the better! The entrance fee was free donations accepted. A must see in my book!     1) Henry Cowell Day-use Entrance was easy to find. A beautiful drive through the Santa Cruz Mountains. the entrance fee at the time of our visit was $10.00 per car. The parking lot was clean, easy to find and very large. 2) The bathrooms at the Day-use Entrance were large, clean and easy to find. As you park they are located to the right of the gift shop at the start of the trail. 3) This was the perfect family walk, it's very short so I hesitate to call it a hike. All ages were able to walk it easily. In fact I would use the day to explore all the park has to offer. We also explored the town of Felton, California and the Bigfoot Museum.      

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