Night Sky Slime

Night Sky Slime


I have seen all the great Pinterest Slime recipes before and never thought I had the time to really try it, I was wrong! This week we our Letter of the Week is the Letter N. I decided to give the slime a try and create a Night Sky! The kids and I loved this so much I am going to do it for all kinds of themes, you know how I love a good theme! The best part it was not messy at all we used it the entire week and then passed it on to our neighbor class! To start all you need is three ingredients and  five minutes!

Night Sky Slime supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • glue
  • Liquid Starch
  • Liquid water color/ Powder paint or food coloring
  • glitter
  Night Sky Slime mix together  

So I was in a hurry and used what I had on hand, Powder Paint. In a large bowl I poured in glue I did not measure I filled the bottom of the bowl. Then I added some paint and glitter and mixed them all together. I read you should mix first then add the starch this worked for me.

Night Sky Slime add starch

I slowly added a small amount of starch and mixed, I repeated this until I got the consistency I wanted. I think I could have added a bit more to give it a little more stretch. At first the color was dull and you could not see the glitter colors just keep kneading it like dough and it changes before your eyes!

Night Sky Slime fun

I literally did this in less than five minutes! I really don't know who liked it better the kids or I! My head is swimming with all the different colors and things I can add! It was my first time so my batch was little. I stretched it out and made it into sky shapes.

Night Sky Slime Letter N Sensory

Night Sky Slime Play fun

As the children came in they gave it a little touch then slowly they began to pull, squish and stretch it out! Some of my really active kids played with this for the entire free play time! It was easy to share the kids kept stretching off a piece for a friend. They pulled it into little pieces, made jewelry out of it stretched it off the table and basically had a great time. Best of all it was no mess, at clean up time we rolled it into a ball and stuck it in a plastic baggie! Normally I change the sensory activity every class, not this week we played with the slime everyday! Then passed it to our neighbor class can't wait to see how they play with it next week!

Night Sky Slime play 1

Night Sky Slime play2

Night Sky Slime play 3

Night Sky Slime play 4

Easy Storage!
Easy Storage!

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Preschool Shape Finder Game

Preschool Shape Finder Game


Ever wonder what to do with all those recycled Water Bottles, Make a Shape Finder Game!

Preschool Shape Finder Game Supplies needed 3

The idea is simple fill your empty bottle with shapes add the sand and shake and find! To get started this is what I used.

  • Empty washed water bottle
  • white paper for your label
  • shapes Foam, buttons what ever will fit in the bottle
  • sand
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • funnel
  • glue gun/ glue

Shape Finder supplies needed

Start with the water bottle, take off the label and wash. When I first started making these I would tape the paper Key to the bottle. However, after the kids started really shaking them they ripped off so I changed to Mod Podge. I love this stuff! You can find it at Walmart as well as most craft stores.  Use the brush to paint the back of the paper and then fix it to the bottle. When it's all smooth cover the top make sure you get the edges so it's strong!

Shape Finder key

I used a simple print shop program to make my key, I used the shapes we have been working on in class as well as the letters of their name!

Preschool Shape Finder Game Supplies needed 3

I like to use foam because it folds easy and you can fit it through the top!  I make a baggie for each name with all the shapes and write their name on the lid, so when class starts I'm ready to go!

Preschool Shape Finder Game Supplies needed 2

Now for the fun, I do this one at at time. I have them spell out their name, as they add it to their bottle I have them say what it is,what color it is and how does it feel.

Shape Finder play 1Shape Finder add shapesShape Finder Game add letters of your name

After they have added all their shapes and letters I have them add the sand. I always use what we have, to save on sand I grabbed the mixed up color sand from past preschool projects. I pour the sand into a bowl and they scoop out the sand and pour it into the funnel. I would normally use more sand but I was running low this year so they each used two to three scoops.

Preschool Shape Finder Game Supplies needed 1031 (800x600)Shape Finder Game sand 068 (800x600)Preschool Shape Finder Game pour

I then added the top and let them play and set them on the windowsill when finished so I could take home and glue the top! The final step is to me the most important seeing as though most of my classmates have younger siblings at home and we want to keep them safe! I use a glue gun to add hot glue around the top edge. Work fast thread the top of the bottle. I then run my finger around the edge to take off any extra glue. Always test that it's tight, little hands will try to open!

Preschool Shape Finder Game playPreschool Shape finder games 173 (800x600)Preschool Shape finder glue top 079 (800x600)Preschool Shape finder games top glued

In my classroom I have used the same idea to make color finders, glitter shakers and seasonal finders! Really if you can fit it in the bottle it works! The color bottles have been in my class for three years now and still look as good as the day I made them!

recycled water bottle seek and finds

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Monet Inspired Preschool Art with Q Tips

Monet Inspired Preschool

Art with Q Tips


Turn your classroom into a museum with these beautiful Q Tip Monet Inspired Art!

This week  our Letter of the Week is Letter M.I could not think of anything better than to introduce Claude Monet to our class. I made a simple poster with a photo of Monet, his name and three of his paintings. As each child went to the easel I asked them to study his work, what colors did he use? They seemed to be very interested in his age! We talked about how you can still see his work today in a museum. After the paintings were finished I framed them and hung them on our wall.The next class I welcomed the children and parents to our museum, they really loved looking at everyone's work!

Monet Inspired Art with Q Tips
Monet Inspired Art with Q Tips

Supplies Needed:

  • Liquid Paint
  • Q Tips
  • Egg Carton
  • White paper
Letter M art Monet Activity set up  

I added a little paper that said My Monet,so they could remember the name!

Letter M Monet art 1

Letter M Monet art 2


This Project was so much fun for the kids they asked to have it up all week! I think we made hundreds Of Paintings!

Letter M Art and Activities Monet Inspired Art 2 005 (600x800)

Letter M Art and Activities Monet Inspired Art 1004 (600x800)

Letter M Art and Activities Monet inspired art003 (600x800)

Letter M Art and Activities museum art001 (800x600)  

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Oval Penguin Winter Bulletin Board Preschool Art

Oval Penguin Winter Bulletin Board Preschool Art


Our Winter bulletin board Preschoolers are "Snow" Special filled with Oval Penguins, Triangle Trees and Circle Snow People. Create your own Penguin using different size Ovals. For the month of January we work on Finding shapes in our classroom, art and games. The Frogs loved the way their  Winter Bulletin board looked when finished with all the different shapes.Beautiful  Triangle Trees, silly Circle Snow People and to finish it off cute Oval Penguins!

Oval Penguin Preschool Craft
Oval Penguin Preschool Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Black paper (1 large, 2 small cut ovals)
  • White paper (1 Medium cut oval )
  • Orange paper (3 small cut ovals)
  • two Google eyes
  • Glue
  • scissors

Oval Penguin Preschool Craft fun Oval Penguin Preschool Craft fun 1  Oval Penguin Preschool Craft fun 3 Oval Penguin Preschool Craft fun 4


Lets get started  I pre cut all the shapes, due to time older children could do this.  I then set all the Ovals out on their art tray, Taking time to notice the different sizes, and how a Penguin has two arms, two feet a nose and two eyes. My Favorite part, watched them create. That's the beauty of this craft they can do most of the work without any help! After they dried out, and this took up to 2 days depending on the amount of glue,I added them to our Winter Bulletin Board!

Oval Penguin Preschool Craft fun ideas Oval Penguin Preschool Craft fun cute

They Look so cute, I  love the way the dried extra glue looks like melted snow!

Oval Penguin Winter Board

Here are some other fun Ideas!

Shape Penguins preschool craft Salt Snowflakes Craft triangle tree cut out Circle Snowpeople art cut outs

Use a recycled Water bottle to make your own Shape Finder Game!

Preschool Shape finder games

Triangle Trees winter bulletin board

Triangle Trees winter bulletin board

Triangle Trees winter bulletin board,  create a winter wonderland bulletin board. For the month of January our classroom theme is Winter and Shapes. For our Winter Bulletin Board we Incorporated shapes into winter Triangle Trees, Oval Penguins and Circle Snow people. Very easy craft to set up most of the supplies you already have on hand! Get out your paper and glue let's get started!

Triangle Tree supplies needed

Supplies Needed:

  • white paper
  • Brown paper cut into rectangles for tree trunk
  • Assorted green paper cut into triangles
  • glue

Triangle Tree set up

I like to set up my art center so the Frogs can do most of the work themselves with little help from me.  I love to see each Triangle Tree unique to the Frog who made it! After they finished we set them aside to dry, then cut them out and added them to our Winter Preschool Bulletin Board!

Triangle tree art

triangle tree art 1

Winter shape Bulletin board

This years Triangle Trees!

Triangle Tress winter bulletin board craft Triangle Tress winter bulletin board glue Triangle Tress winter bulletin board fun

Here are some more Fun Winter Crafts!

Shape Penguins preschool craft Epson Salt Snowflake Factory Winter Craft Oval Penguin Winter Bulletin Board Preschool Art Circle Snowpeople art cut outs


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Circle Snow People Preschool Craft

Circle Snow People

Preschool Craft

  Circle Snowpeople art on bulletin board  

For the month of January our classroom theme is winter and shapes! The best part of any craft is seeing how each one is totally unique!

Circle Snowpeople art set up

Supplies Needed:

  • full sheet paper (blue)
  • white paper
  • craft /colored paper
  • markers
  • glue stick
  Circle Snowpeople art center set up  

To set up our Art Center I pre cut circles in three sizes: small, medium and large. I used scrap paper to cut out hats, scarfs and a small triangle nose. I set it out and let them go!

Circle Snowpeople art

I have them glue their Circle Snow People to blue paper then I cut them out to use on our Winter Preschool Bulletin Board.

Circle Snowpeople art on paper

Circle Snow People Preschool Craft

I love the way some used the scarf shape as feet, so cute!

Circle Snowpeople art cut outs

Circle Snowpeople art1


Winter Preschool Bulletin Board

Winter Preschool Bulletin Board

Our Winter Preschool Board: Preschoolers are "Snow" Special!

This fun board is filled with crafts that go with our classroom themes of Winter and Shapes!

Circle Snowpeople art on bulletin board

Circle Snow People

Winter shape Bulletin board

Triangle Trees

Oval Penguins

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The Kindness Candy Cane Preschool Activity

The Kindness Candy Cane

Preschool Activity


During the Holidays it's easy to get caught up in the "I wants" and the all about me attitude. At the start of December I add our Kindness Candy Cane. During Circle we talk about what it means to be kind to a friend. I explain how the Kindness Candy Cane works, every time I see an act of kindness I will add that friends name to our classroom Kindness Candy Cane. I can't tell you how much this promotes friendship that last throughout the year. Our Kindness Candy Cane filled up fast. As I write this post in January I can report the kindness continues. On our first day back from winter break one of our friends was feeling sad and missing his mom another friend ran to the book shelf and found Go Dog Go the sad friends favorite book! That's what I love about preschool if only we all could take the time to show kindness to those around us!

Kindness Candy Cane

Supplies needed:

  • Poster Board
  • Black Sharpie
  • Red and Green paper
  The Kindness Candy Cane fun  

Our Classroom Theme is Frogs so I used a simple print shop program to create my Title. I had pre cut strips of red and green paper handy so I could quickly write the name and say thank you to that friend for showing kindness! I laminated the poster board and just add tape to the names as we go! Always a favorite in our class!