Letter H In A People House

Letter H

In A People House

  Fun With The Cat in The Hat Classic In a People House! I really enjoy reading Dr. Seuss, the kids love to find the rhyming words as I read! This was a fun activity each House was uniquely their own, I Love That! Letter of the week H for House. To see more Letter H art and activities click the link! Letter H In a People House Supplies Needed  

Supplies Needed

  • White paper for your background, I add the book title to the bottom
  • Colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
Letter H In a People House Center set up  

I like to set the Art Center up so they can sit down and work with little help from me. The less I help the better! I like to see how their minds work!

Letter H In a People House work

Just look at how cute these houses are!

Letter H In A People House art Letter H In A People House art 1 Letter H In A People House art 2 Letter H In A People House art 3 Letter H In A People House art 4 Letter H In A People House art 5 Letter H In A People House art 6 Letter H In A People House art 7

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Hand print Christmas Tree

Hand print Christmas Tree


This week while working on our Letter of the Week Letter H we started our Hand print Christmas Tree! This is always one of my favorite Bulletin Boards.

  Hanprint Christmas Tree Supplies needed  

Supplies needed:

  • White Paint
  • Green paper
  • Paint Brush / container
  • Glitter (for your snow)
Hanprint Chritsmas tree work  

I start by using as many different shades of green paper as I can find to give your Christmas Tree added color! The children get to choose if they want light green, medium green or dark green. Next I paint their hand with the white paint, we make as many hand prints as we can. Our paper we were able to get eight stopping after each one to add more paint.

Hanprint Chritsmas tree work 1

Next Ia cardboard bow top to set the wet hand prints in. Next,the children sprinkle the glitter onto their prints! After they Dry cut around each print and arrange into a Tree!Hanprint Chritsmas tree work glitter

Hand print Christmas Tree page

Hand print Christmas Tree cut out

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I Spy Helping Hands Sensory

I Spy

Helping Hands Sensory


This was such a hit we did it twice! First, we used our Helping Hands to wash the classroom dishes. Some kids did this for all of free play! There is nothing like warm soapy water to clam you down. Also it's flu season so we talked about helping hands keeping our classroom toys clean from germs. Second, we filled the table with all our classroom play food!

  I Spy Helping Hands Sensory  

To protect our wall art from wet sensory activities I added a shower curtain! We we are working with liquid I pull it across the back, easy and keeps your wall art safe. Also, when playing with foam and water you can stick them to the shower curtain! We Used it with our I Spy Fishing and I Spy Pond!

I Spy Helping Hands Sensory set up

I Spy Helping Hands Sensory

I Spy Helping Hands Sensory fun


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Thanksgiving Watercolor Windsock

Thanksgiving Watercolor Windsock


We have spent the last two weeks talking about who the Pilgrims were and how the Native Americans helped. To add to our classroom decor we made this simple windsock. Our new favorite circle time game try to blow and make your windsock move!

  Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft  

Supplies Needed:

  • Watercolor paint
  • Thanksgiving or fall coloring page
  • colored construction paper
  • colored streamers (or string)
  • glue or tape
  • hole punch
  • Paintbrush
Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 1  

Due to time I punch two holes at the top of the construction paper and tie the string to each end. I also glue the coloring page to the paper,all these things children can do on their own.

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 2

Set out your watercolors and let them go!

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 6

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 5

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 3

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 7

when finished with your painting turn over and attach streamers along the bottom with glue or tape.

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft 4

Thanksgiving Windsock preschool craft play

To finish attach your paper with tape so it forms a tube shape and hang!

My favorite part make it your own!

Love it Leo!!
Love it Leo!!

Awesome Owl Preschool Art

Awesome Owl Preschool Art


I truly love the way these cuties turned out. As always I like to have lots of "stuff" available. At our Science center I had photos of Owls, every Owl book we had and Owls for play! At Circle time we read the sweet story Owl Babies By Martin Waddel . When finished we added them to our Fall Classroom Tree as well as our Thankful Bulletin Board! We take down one leaf every class to countdown to Thanksgiving!

  awesome owls supplies needed  

Supplies Needed:

  • paper plate (small)
  • 2 yellow mini cupcake liners
  • 2 large google eyes
  • Brown (Legs) and yellow (beak) paper
  • Gray, brown paint
  • Feathers
  • glue
Awesome Owl paper plate

Start by painting your plate. Is your owl brown, grey or both?

  Awesome Owl paper plate 1  

Add the yellow cupcake liners then the google eyes.

Awesome Owl paper plate 3

Make it your own!

Awesome Owl paper plate Owl Babies

Finish with a great Story!

Classroom Fall Tree Awesome owl

Classroom Fall Tree Awesome owl 1

Classroom Fall Tree Awesome owl 2

Awesome owl Fall Thankful Bulletin Board
Awesome owl Fall Thankful Bulletin Board

Awesome owl board 3

Awesome owl board 1

Awesome owl board

Classroom Thanksgiving board Awesome owl

Classroom Fall Tree Awesome owl 3

The Owls have moved into our Trees!

Fall Bulletin Board 2016

Our Class is a Hoot Fall Bulletin Board   This year to create our Owls I use some beautiful grass we had growing in our parking lot! september-2016-slp-131-800x600 Baby Owls Paper Plate Art Activity set Baby Owls Paper Plate Art Activity supplies Baby Owls Paper Plate Art Activity             I always try to give the Frogs as many choices as possible. It was funny to see after all that almost all of them used only the feathers .  

This years Owls

    Using the same eyes, legs and beaks I simply changed the body. Using a few different colors I cut out circle and cut circle shapes. Then added them to our Fall Bulletin Board "Whooos Ready For Fall"    

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I Spy – Cutting Straws Sensory Activity

I Spy - Cutting Straws

Sensory Activity

I Spy - Cutting Straws Sensory Activity Fun early learning Fine Motor Development for little hands

This year my class loves to cut. At our writing center we have scissors and paper scraps always on hand. This is a fun and easy Sensory table the children really liked. Add a box of straws and all the different types of scissors you have and let them go!

I Spy cutting straws play

I Spy Cutting Straws play 1

I Spy CuttingStraws play 3

Preschool Stained Glass Acorn Art Activity

Preschool Stained Glass

Acorn Art Activity


To add color and fun to our classroom we made these cute Stained Glass Acorns for our windows! Because this was the first time using starch and tissue paper I only cut out the top of the Acorn, it takes patience to fill in the holes and my little guys this was there max. For older children I might cut out the bottom as well to add color. Fun Letter A Activity for Letter of the Week!

  Stained Glass Acron supplies needed  

Supplies Needed

  • Starch & water
  • colored tissue paper
  • brown construction paper
  • Card stock for template
  • cup and brush
Stained Glass Acron work  

To start I like to do our art on trays it helps keep the mess down and allows them to dry without moving them. I cut out the Acorns in different shades of brown and had the children start by brushing the hole with the starch and water mix. I Added a touch of water to the starch. Then they started to place their tissue to fill in the hole. For many this was a big task, you need to fill the hole completely up! When your Acorn is done simply let it dry then cut around the edges and hang in the window!

  Stained Glass Acron work 2   Stained Glass Acronwork 3   stained glass Acorn 2 stained glass Acorn 1 stained glass Acorn 3 stained glass Acorn 4 Stained glass Acron preschool  

Gingerbread Play dough Recipe & Play Ideas

Gingerbread Play dough Recipe

Supplies needed:

  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 4 tbs. Cream of Tarter
  • 4 Tbs. Vegetable Oil
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • Food coloring
  • Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon and Allspice

I make a large batch enough for 10 children and I use it all month.Very easy to make first add a kettle of water to the stove and put on high then add all your dry ingredients together in a large bowl, I keep adding spice till I get the smell I want, no real measurements.

Gingerbread Play Dough dry supplies

In a separate measuring cup I add the oil, food coloring and when it's starts to boil the water.

Gingerbread Play Dough supplies

Then add to your dry ingredients. Use a large spoon to mix together.

Gingerbread Play Dough add togetherWhen your dough forms take it out and kneed it until you it's well mixed together!

Gingerbread Play Dough mix into dough Gingerbread Play Dough kneed  

Great for Letter of the Week G

Run, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

To set up the table I added buttons, string, rolling pins and  cookie cutters!

This was a great Letter of the week Letter G Activity!

Gingerbread Play Dough set up 1

gingerbread play dough play 1

Gingerbread Play Dough play 3

Gingerbread Play dough play 5

Another fun way to play we added baking tools!

Gingerbread Playdough baker play

Gingerbread Playdough baker play1

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Footprint Turkey Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Footprint Turkey

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board


The footprint turkey is always a Fall Hit with the children. Something about painting on your foot feels so good! This year I had three who were not interested in feeling the tickle of paint on their toes, for them I outlined their Foot! I had pre cut yellow card stock on hand and had pre cut the same yellow for the beaks and next year I will be sure to have brown card stock on hand for those who do not want their foot painted! This ended up being a great Letter F Letter of the week art project!

  Footprint Turkey Thanksgiving Bulletin Board supplies needed footprint turkey

Supplies Needed

  • Brown paint
  • glue
  • 2 google eyes
  • small cut triangle beak
  • small red turkey neck
  • I'm Thankful for sign
  • Yellow (or Brown) Card stock, red and yellow construction paper

I was going to have them glue legs as well however their toes made great legs and we left them off. The beauty of art is there is no one way so we often change in the middle of a project!

To Start I painted the bottom of their foot with a small layer of brown paint, too much and it will smear or you miss the detail of the footprint. I then have them step down on Yellow card stock to make their print. Then use the glue to attach your eyes, beak and red turkey neck! While were working I ask what they are thankful for and write on the sign. I cut around the prints when they are dry and set aside. Sorry I was unable to get photos of this process if only I had eight arms like an octopus!

Footprint Turkey 1

Day two

Coffee Filter Feathers

  Footprint Turkey Coffee Filter FeathersFeathers  

Supplies Needed

  • small coffee filter
  • markers
  • water bottle
  • water

I let the children make as many as they wanted so have lots of coffee filters on hand just in case! We did this project on the day of our Halloween Party so we were careful to keep it clean to not mess up their costumes. Start by coloring the filter then spray on the water and watch the magic! My spray bottle was not working so we slowly poured water onto the center and watched to go, I actually think this worked better and the water did not splash up!

Letter F Preschool Art and Activities coffer filter turkey feather

Letter F Preschool Art and Activities Coffee filter turkey feather color mix

Letter F Preschool Art and Activities coffee filter turkey feather

footprint turket coffee filter feathers 1

footprint turkey coffee fliter feathers

footprint turkey 5

footprint turkey 4

footprint turkey 3

footprint turkey 2

Update 2016

This year I dedicated to use a paper plate and finger paint to create our feathers!

paper-plate-crow-craft-086-600x800 paper-plate-crow-craft-087-800x600 paper-plate-crow-craft-092-800x600 paper-plate-crow-craft-096-800x600 paper-plate-crow-craft-099-800x600

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