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About Prek4fun

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Prek4Fun is my place to share fun  ideas!

I'm  the proud mother of two, now young adults.

  Preschool teacher to my class of ten, three and four year old's!

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Falls View Canyon Trail #868
Falls View Trail
prek4fun1fallsview 146 prek4fun1fallsview 140About 12 years ago we started going on "adventures" as a family. Our first hike was to Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park. It was then that both our children bought walking sticks and the metal tab to nail onto it saying Vernal Falls. From that moment on we were hooked, trying to go out as much as possible. Years later we are still at it mostly on Saturdays and if they have a gift shop we buy a tab and nail it to the stick. Those walking sticks are our prized possessions we remember every walk. Over the years I have learned what I need to have a fun time. First, where is it? We always seem to miss the turn off or can't find where to park. Second, Do they have a bathroom? Do I need to say more! Lastly, can I do it? I know I read easy, but believe me many a time I have had a not so easy climb. So with prek4fun I am going to share our adventures with you, photos of what you will really find and I promise to tell you the truth about how easy it is! I hope you join us for many adventures to come!